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Black Americans Get Wage Hikes Thanks to Trump’s Tightened Labor Market

President Trump’s “Buy American, Hire American” economy has given black Americans a boost over the last year in terms of wages, job opportunities, and labor force participation.

Senators Urge DHS Chief Wolf: Do Not Import More H-2B Foreign Workers

A bipartisan coalition of United States Senators is asking Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Chad Wolf not to follow the path of former Secretaries Kirstjen Nielsen and Kevin McAleenan by allowing businesses to import more low-skilled foreign workers.

Pro-Refugee Governors Spark County Bans on Refugee Resettlement

Local residents across the United States are revolting en masse against their Republican and Democrat governors who have asked the State Department to resettle more refugees in their communities.

Exclusive: 8 More Tennessee Counties to Rebuke Gov. Bill Lee’s Refugee Inflow

At least eight additional counties across Tennessee are ready to rebuke Gov. Bill Lee’s decision to bring more refugees to the state, Breitbart News has learned.

No Labor Shortage: 11M Americans Out of Work, but All Want Full-Time Jobs

There remain more than 11 million Americans who are out of work despite claims by the big business lobby of a so-called “labor shortage.”

Rasmussen Poll: 5-in-8 Swing Voters Want to End Chain Migration to U.S.

The majority of likely swing voters say they want to end the process known as “chain migration,” wherein newly naturalized citizens can bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives to the United States, a new poll finds.

The List: 17 GOP Governors Approve More Refugees for their States

A total of 17 Republican governors thus far have approved more refugee resettlement for their states, along with five Democrat governors who govern red states. 

Report: AT&T Laying Off Americans, Forcing Them to Train Their Foreign Replacements

Multinational corporation AT&T is reportedly laying off thousands of American workers after forcing them to train their foreign replacements who have been imported through the H-1B visa program.

Study: Immigration to Redistribute 26 Congressional Seats to Blue States for 2020 Election

The nation’s illegal and legal immigration system will help shift 26 congressional seats, primarily from red states, and redistribute them to mostly blue states next year, according to new analysis.

Red State Democrat Governors Approve More Refugees for Their States

Democrat governors representing red states such as Kentucky, North Carolina, and Montana have approved more refugee resettlement in 2020 for their states.

GOP Governor Bill Lee Approves More Refugee Resettlement in Tennessee

Republican Gov. Bill Lee has approved resettlement of more refugees in Tennessee for 2020, putting in jeopardy a high-profile lawsuit to stop refugee resettlement in the state.

Study: Foreign Workers, Tourists Deliver 72K Anchor Babies a Year in U.S.

About 72,000 United States-born children delivered every year to foreign tourists, foreign visa workers, and foreign students are rewarded birthright American citizenship, a new study reveals.

Exclusive–Mo Brooks: Agricultural Amnesty an ‘Attack on Blue Collar Workers’

A plan to provide the agricultural industry with an unlimited inflow of illegal alien workers and H-2A foreign visa workers is “an attack on blue-collar workers” in America, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) says.

Bloomberg’s Cheap Labor Group Lobbies for Wage-Cutting Agriculture Amnesty

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s cheap foreign labor organization is currently lobbying for an agriculture amnesty — designed to cut the wages of America’s farmworkers — just as he jumps in the 2020 Democrat presidential primary race.

NY Times: ‘Tidal Wave’ of Mass Immigration Hands Virginia to Democrats

A “tidal wave” of mass immigration has “tilt(ed) the field toward the Democrats” in the state of Virginia, the New York Times admits.

Exclusive–Chad Wolf to Hand Over H-1B Visa Issues Due to Former Outsourcing Lobbyist Role

Incoming Acting Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Chad Wolf will hand over the issue of H-1B visas to another administration official due to his prior role as an outsourcing lobbyist, Breitbart News has learned.

Refugee Inflow to Drop by 40 Percent for 2020; 30K Resettled in U.S. This Year

The refugee inflow into the United States is set to be reduced by at least 40 percent for 2020 compared to this year’s admission totals, where 30,000 refugees were resettled across the nation.

Josh Hawley: GOP Must Defend Middle Class Americans Against ‘Concentrated Corporate Power,’ Tech Billionaires

The Republican Party must defend America’s working and middle class against “concentrated corporate power” and Silicon Valley, California’s tech billionaires and their monopolization of entire sectors of the United States’ economy. 

No Labor Shortage: 11.5M Unemployed Americans Still Want Full-Time Jobs

Despite continued claims by the big business lobby and corporate interests that there are labor shortages in blue-collar and white-collar workforces, the latest federal employment data reveal that about 11.5 million unemployed and underemployed Americans want full-time jobs. 

Koch Network: Trump’s Reducing of Refugee Inflow ‘Not Warranted’

President Trump’s plan to continue reducing refugee resettlement across the United States is “not warranted,” according to the pro-mass immigration Koch brothers’ network of donor class organizations.