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Rand Paul: Is Quid Pro Quo the Status Quo?

When the Democrats admit that they have committed “quid pro quo” a dozen times in trying to entrap President Trump, then, and only then, will American voters consider their impeachment inquiry anything other than a witch hunt.

Pollak: Trump Echoes JFK in Careful Response to Iran Attack on Drone

President Donald Trump struck exactly the right balance on Thursday when he hinted at possible retaliation against Iran for shooting down a U.S. drone in international airspace, but then said he believed the attack was an accident.

Blue State Blues: Trump Has Improved Relations with Every U.S. Ally Except Germany

Germany is the exception that proves the rule. What the media call Trump’s “belligerent isolationism” is actually a restoration of traditional American leadership in the world through the pursuit of American interests and the defense of American allies.