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You Are Free TV – 4/24 – Q #ENDGAME: MSMHate, Red Cross, PP, Climate GENOCIDE And More

UNSEALED: HRC, Uranium 1, Comey, BUNDY Ranch, M_rder #CASE1:16-cv-01490-LEK-DJS

Published on Apr 24, 2018

Is this the 1st unsealed indictment connecting Hillary to U1? It appears so. It turns out the assault on the Hammond Ranch in Southern OR and the Bundy Ranch in Norther NV was connected to the Uranium 1 deal, which resulted in one death and multiple false imprisonments.

Here is the link to the full document:


Q #ENDGAME: MSMHate, Red Cross, PP, Climate GENOCIDE

4/24 Climate Change is a misnomer to hide Weather Warfare. The globalist military intelligence warfare complex has been waging war against foreign countries, states and seaside areas in the USA. Also, the social engineers are re-upping the hate machine to divide We, the People. Don’t be distracted or fooled. These elitist greedy totalitarians are after you, me, us AND them!! They want us all and they want the world too.

Thank you to all of the amazing people who support this channel. I am honored and committed to providing the news and analysis on actualizing freedom in this era of techno assault. We are praying! We are focused on actualizing change with our intentions, activism, communication and connection. YOU Are FREE!!