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CNN Silent on Contributor’s False Viral Tweet

CNN has remained silent about a contributor’s viral tweet that misleadingly claimed to relay a conversation between Republican senators.

Former Clinton White House press secretary Joe Lockhart received more than 9,000 retweets and 36,000 likes for a tweet claiming to report an overheard conversation between two Fox News-watching GOP senators. “Is this stuff real? I haven’t heard any of this before. I thought it was all about a server,” the senators supposedly said. “If half the stuff Schiff is saying is true, we’re up shit’s creek. Hope the White House has exculpatory evidence.”

Replies to the tweet indicate that many people took Lockhart’s scoop seriously. When reached for comment about the episode, a CNN spokesman redirected the Washington Free Beacon to a network communications director for the network who ignored multiple requests for comment.

In follow-up tweets, Lockhart acknowledged that he “made up” the overheard conversation and called it satire. Lockhart did not delete the misleading tweet even as it went viral, and the clarifying tweets did not achieve the same reach as the original.

After he continued to receive criticism from conservative and liberal journalists alike, Lockhart characterized his detractors as “purveyors of Pizzagate and the Seth Rich conspiracy.”

CNN reporters on the media and “disinformation” beats have repeatedly said that satire is no excuse for spreading “fake news,” particularly if some internet users mistake it for genuine news. Some have accused comedy websites of hiding behind satire to mislead voters while dodging punishment from social media companies.

Brian Stelter, the network’s media critic and host of Reliable Sources, was also silent on the matter, although he did tweet about President Donald Trump’s “false claims.”

Lockhart, who has made frequent appearances during the network’s impeachment coverage, also sparked controversy on Tuesday when he said that Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) should face prison time for tweeting while he was on the Senate floor. The former public relations executive was seemingly unaware that most politicians have dedicated press staffers who handle their social media accounts, and that senators cannot be imprisoned for breaking Senate floor rules.

Cruz mocked the tweet with a graphic of a cell phone reading, “Come and Take It”—a mock-up of a popular flag commemorating the famous victory at the Battle of Gonzales that sparked the Texas Revolution.

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CNN ‘Fact-Checks’ Day One of Impeachment but Neglects To Check Any Democrat Claims

I don’t tune in to CNN for balance or read its website for objectivity. Nobody, save a few unfortunate people in airport terminals who haven’t watched CNN in ages and still associate it with the days of Bernard Shaw and Larry King, is that much of a naïf. Even then, I think the people stuck…

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CNN Analyst Ignites Furor with Completely Fabricated Impeachment ‘Scoop’ on Twitter

This isn’t just “fake news,” it’s outright fraud. CNN political analyst and former Clinton White House press secretary Joe Lockhart confirmed the worst suspicions of conservatives about the honesty of mainstream media figures on Wednesday by using his Twitter account to post a completely fabricated conversation he originally claimed to have overheard between Republican senators…

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CNN Political Analyst Creates Fake News About Senate Impeachment Trial

CNN political analyst Joe Lockhart created fake news in real time during President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate on Wednesday, falsely claiming that House Democrats were swaying Senate Republican opinions.

Fake News: CNN Analyst Makes Up Conversation Between Republican Senators on Impeachment

CNN political analyst Joe Lockhart on Wednesday made up a conversation between Republican senators on day two of the Senate impeachment trial, updating his claim roughly ten minutes later and admitting that he made the entire exchange up.

Bernie Sanders Surges Into the Lead in New Post-Debate Poll

Support for Democratic presidential primary candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders seems to be surging in the aftermath of the Jan. 14 debate, the last before voting gets underway at the Iowa caucuses later this month. National polling results released Wednesday by CNN reveal the radical progressive Vermont senator has shifted into the lead, with the support…

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Media Interest in Jeffrey Epstein Heightens Amid Scrutiny of Environmental Record

Media interest in Jeffrey Epstein, the sexual deviant and Democratic donor who was most likely murdered in his jail cell in 2019, has ticked up amid scrutiny of the late pedophile’s environmental record.

CNN reports that a U.S. Virgin Islands lawsuit against the multimillionaire pervert’s estate accuses Epstein of having “potentially damaged the delicate environment with illegal construction projects and brushed aside fines and other efforts to curb his behavior.” These alleged environmental offenses, according to the lawsuit, were “part of a pattern of behavior in flouting the laws of the Virgin Islands and holding [Epstein] above the law.”

Perhaps if American journalists had known of Epstein’s environmental crimes much earlier, they might have been compelled to report on the massive international sex-trafficking ring Epstein allegedly oversaw. The U.S. media took credit for Epstein’s arrest in July 2019—credit it certainly did not deserve.

The increased public scrutiny on Epstein’s egregious criminal activity, coming more than a decade after the financier negotiated a sweetheart plea deal with federal prosecutors in Florida, was the result of a local newspaper (the Miami Herald) pursuing a Donald Trump-related angle to the story. Trump’s former secretary of labor, Alexander Acosta, signed off on Epstein’s plea deal while serving as U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida.

Indeed, in the absence of a connection linking Epstein to Trump, the U.S. media was for years reluctant to publish credible allegations against the wealthy pedophile. As early as 2002, Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter killed a story on Epstein’s inappropriate relationships with underage girls after Epstein objected. In 2019, leaked video showed ABC News anchor Amy Robach complaining that she “had this [Epstein] story for three years” and criticizing the network for repeatedly refusing to air her interview with one of Epstein’s alleged victims.

If only Greta Thunberg had been around to put him on blast for polluting the sea.

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George Conway: Senate Republicans Know Trump’s Guilty and Want to Hide the Evidence

Appearing Wednesday on CNN, George Conway, attorney and husband to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, asserted Senate Republicans oppose additional evidence being brought in the upper chamber’s impeachment trial because they believe President Donald Trump is “guilty.” 

After Whining About ‘Liberal Hack’ Comment, CNN Hires Reporter Who Said GOP Was ‘Broken’

Last week, I learned from the Manu Raju-Martha McSally spat that you have to treat every reporter from CNN as if they’re an upstanding, objective patriot, no matter what you might think of them. This week, I learned that CNN’s has absolutely no problem hiring a White House correspondent who called the GOP “fundamentally broken.”…

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CNN Brings on Hard-Hitting White House Correspondent to Join Jim Acosta

John Harwood announced he has left CNBC for CNN on Tuesday, as the network adds to its deep bench of White House reporting talent.

His announcement was met with wide acclaim, even from leading conservatives like Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin.

Indeed, Jen. For so many reasons, this is a home-run hire for CNN. It’s almost unfair that the outlet that already boasts Jim Acosta has added this giant of straight-down-the-middle reporting to its roster.

Harwood is a well-sourced veteran of Washington who can appeal to the leading experts for their insights. For instance, on Sept. 21, 2015, Harwood emailed Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta for advice on what to ask Jeb Bush during his interview the following day. Incredible access!

Six days later, Harwood showed off his forward-thinking journalism and political foresight when he emailed Podesta and Jake Sullivan, a Clinton adviser, that he couldn’t believe “that some people still think it’s worth burning so much interview time with [the] person most likely to be next president on her emails.” He was so rightHillary Clinton very nearly became the president.

Harwood is a kind soul too; it comes off in his Dec. 8, 2015, message to Podesta in which Harwood said Barack Obama should feel “vindication at this demonstration of his years-long point about the opposition party veering off the rails.”

“I certainly am feeling that way with respect to how I questioned Trump at our debate,” Harwood added.

Harwood was referring to his moderation of the CNBC Republican debate on Oct. 28, 2015. It was one of the most widely panned debates in recent history, even though Harwood and his compatriots elicited thoughtful answers on significant problems facing the United States, like regulating fantasy football and whether Donald Trump was running a “comic book version of a presidential campaign.” Harwood also asked Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) if he hated his job and clumsily tried to trap then-New Jersey governor Chris Christie into saying he supported the federal government driving action on climate change (Christie didn’t).

Some may have seen a “liberal hack” there, but others saw a heroic journalist realizing the only way to make sure none of NBC’s umbrella of networks held any more GOP debates was to utterly ruin one himself. It worked. The same week, Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus cut off NBC News from moderating a planned February debate.

In fairness, Harwood wasn’t afraid to ask the tough questions with Democrats. During an interview with Barack Obama for the New York Times shortly before he took office in 2009, Harwood noted that, like John F. Kennedy, Obama “also made history, came in with a young, attractive family, had a lot of big Harvard brains around him.” Obama could hardly muster a response!

On Harwood’s Twitter feed, he shares deep observations from his experience as a straight-down-the-middle Washington correspondent.

One final plus side to Harwood joining the White House beat: President Trump can do his spot-on impression of him to his face! That will be fun.

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Acosta Intercepts Ivanka, Watch Him Get Blown Off and Left in the Dust

Well-known CNN personality Jim Acosta tried to intercept Ivanka Trump this week, but was expertly boxed out as her security detail left the reporter in the dust. The network’s chief White House correspondent confronted the first daughter Tuesday in Davos, Switzerland. Ivanka Trump and her father, President Donald Trump, were in the European nation for…

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Nolte: Fake Media’s Tired Anti-Trump Playbook Is Boring Me to Death

You know what I have? The greatest job in the world. Seriously. Get this: Every morning I face a day where I’m overpaid to express my opinion on a few things. And I’m usually done by noon. That leaves the whole rest of the day for TV and cookies.

While Discussing Peaceful 2A Rally, CNN Keeps Up Chyron About Kansas City Shooting

While reporting a peaceful gun-rights rally in Richmond, Va., on Monday, CNN kept a chyron up about a shooting the night before in Kansas City.

CNN reported on three recent gun-related events: a Monday morning shooting in Honolulu, a Sunday night shooting in Kansas City, and a Monday gun-rights rally in Richmond. As the segment transitioned from the Kansas City shooting to the Richmond protest, the chyron title read “Virginia Gun Fight” with the subtitle “2 Dead, 15 Injured in Kansas City shooting.”

The chyron was up for over a minute into the report about the peaceful gun-rights rally in Virginia before changing to “No incidents at pro gun rally after threats of extremist violence.”

Gun rights activists gathered on Monday morning to protest legislation considered by the Virginia legislature that would require background checks and ban some types of rifles. Virginia governor Ralph Northam (D.) declared a state of emergency ahead of Monday’s rally and temporarily banned firearms from capitol grounds. The Virginia supreme court upheld the ban. Some of the protesters openly carried their firearms outside capitol grounds. The rally ended Monday afternoon without any violent incidents reported.

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Poll: Huge Majority Blames News Media for Political Division

The news media is to blame for dividing America, according to a new poll. A Hill-HarrisX poll released Friday found that 75 percent of those polled believe how the media report the news further divides America politically, according to The Hill. HarrisX polled 1,001 registered voters across the country and reported a margin of error…

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Impeachment Trial Adds to TV’s Breaking-News Juggle

As if TV news needed more headlines… The usual suspects are gearing up to cover the U.S. Senate’s impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, the latest swirl in what seems to be a never-ending news cycle centered on the White House. But the impeachment proceedings, which kick off in earnest Tuesday, take place as many […]