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Bible Urge – Part 2 – The Paths That Seperate Us

ImageCane killed Abel!!! That’s what I just read. He killed him out of jealousy and lied to God when asked about his whereabouts. Cain said, “I’m not my brothers keeper.” What happened? Cain offered God his fruit ‘leftovers’ while Abel offered God his best offerings. What a coward. Yet, people do it in this day and age still.

YES. They –some- first take care of themselves, make sure to eat or buy the best, and then after their thirst has been quenched, then they think of others and offer an offering to them, not thinking that anyone will notice. Or, better yet, they go to church and thank God when something wonderful happens to them, instead of praying or visiting God even at the worst and best of times simultaneously. But God knows. He knew Cain was offering him leftovers from the crops he grew, or not the best, and he knew that Abel was offering him his best of his heard. Abel put God first, and thought about himself second. Funny how we do that today.

It reminds me that in this day and age, we are not too far away from that beginning. Cain’s are still killing Abel’s in the here and now. And, if you want to go deep, just as God gave everything to Adam before he ate the apple, we are living in the day and age where we have everything at our fingertips as well. Funny. The Garden of Eden has found its way back to us. Technology is everywhere. We, as a society –it’s not bad either- have made it so that we get instant gratification, just as Adam was able to get instant food, beauty, life in general. Yet… what is our version of the tree of knowledge today? Have we eaten the apple again? No, not yet, at least not to my ‘knowledge’.

Quick note. Nice things are starting to occur in my life ever since I opened the good book that so many others preached about over the years. I don’t know what it is. It’s like there’s magic to the bible, a power that your spirit sees, remembers and acts upon. I don’t know if the spirit tells God, “Yes, he finally opened the book, and guess what? He’s reading it!!”

Back to the story. So, Abel was the very first death in this life and at the same time, the very first MURDER VICTIM. And Cain was the very first murderer, the first to sin out of evil. Strange. These two boys began a trail of good and evil that has circled through to the here and now. Cain’s punishment was to wander the earth, leave his parents, leading a life of an ‘exile’, but was given some mark by God when he cried out for God’s mercy.  So, his punishment was… to live, to live while begging for God’s mercy. Hmm. So…

By freewill, they created two paths that we follow to this day. The path of Cain –a very lonely and bad path– and the path of Abel –a good path- that sometimes seems hard, a path that sometimes ‘bad things happen to good people’ kind of thing. But regardless, a path that pleases God, your God, a path that pleases you, your spirit, soul. It is a path of good. The ‘roads’ of good and evil were created on that day of Abel’s murder. Roads that have made their way to the here and now! Wow!

So, whenever you feel that your life sucks, just retrace your steps and see if you did everything right, everything good and righteous. And after –I guess –if you added up everything and it points to the road of Abel, then don’t worry, you’ll be fine. God will make sure of it. But……… if you added things up and you have somehow detoured to the path of Cain, just back up and start thinking again. What I got from this chapter was this. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, famous or an ogre. The easy roads are always the Cain’s. He was jealous, so he killed. That’s easy. Just like people in this day. People who use, or are gold diggers, or share another’s bed over and over again to get that raise, or crush souls to get to the top, those are the roads of Cain. Example of an actor doing very bad things with someone powerful in the industry to get a part in a movie, verses an actor just working hard for the part by perfecting their craft and not getting the part. Cain’s and Abel’s. A worker lying to his boss about his co-worker just to get that promotion; Cain’s and Abel’s. LOL. They aren’t getting away with anything. Why? Cause idiot Cain thought that God didn’t know of his crimes. LOL. Wow! I mean, I’ve heard of liars and cheats and thieves and sinners lying to keep face, but when you have the audacity to lie to God, then something is seriously wrong with your brain.

Success to them, at that moment, was to please God with their offerings. But how they did it automatically separated them. So, the next time you win the lottery, give to a charity first, and then please yourself.

The end of the chapter showed how Cain had children, not so sure about Abel though; I think not I know, I know what you are thinking. But if you have to create civilization I guess, you have to go to extremes, I guess. Perhaps Adam and Eve lived for hundreds and hundreds of years. It is possible, especially when God personally creates you from the dirt. Don’t judge the past. Just because it may seem impossible in these days doesn’t mean the possible was taken out from time long ago.

Moral? Geez. Choose the path of Abel. Work wise, you can choose the path of either boys. But freewill, always think, “What would Abel do?” What I have learned thus far from this chapter of Genesis; Yep… I’m an Abel. It sucks at times, but that’s who I am. I have had Cain thoughts, not urges, but thoughts of ‘what if’, the type where I know if I do this, it would be a very big shortcut to the path I wanted, but it would be sinful. So I look away. Through all of this, I still have sympathy for Cain. What was he thinking? And poor Abel. My Gosh, the guy was trying to do everything right, good, and his life was taken because of it by another observer who saw him as a ‘kiss a…” But he wasn’t. He was naturally good.

So no matter how bad things are, good things are, thank God during everything. Man… I sound like a preacher. LOL. This I am not. I am an observer, trying to find truth, searching for sanity, putting together puzzle pieces of my righteous life and trying to answer the question, “I’m a good person, so why has so many bad things happened to me,” without feeling sorry for myself. 

I look up to Abel. I mean, I look up to God too, but no one will ever be as perfect as God, cause he invented us. It’s like saying that the invention looks up to the inventor, when the invention should not only look up to the inventor, but other good inventions that the inventor created. Does that make sense? Even in heaven, God will still be more perfect than us.

To end this post, I wanted to give thanks to all the Abel’s out there. You are wiser than most. Thank you for choosing the good path; because you make others happy, their lives are filled with your kindness, somehow. We can feel it in the air. And to those that chose the path of Cain, or close to it –without me preaching- I don’t know how you can get back on the path of Abel. Maybe, just maybe, you can simply ask God for that path. Maybe it’s that simple, maybe not. Only you know that answer. Change your ways, and your fate will change with it. But I’m not a preacher. No, I’m just quenching my ‘bible urge’. Take care, Abel’s….