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Graphic: Los Zetas Cartel Leaves Severed Head Outside Border State Prison

A group of Los Zetas cartel members left a severed human head outside a border state prison. The move is the latest in a series of threats and intimidation tactics aimed at taking control of criminal activity inside the detention facilities in Nuevo Leon.

Mexican Border State Probes Fatal Shooting of 2-Year-Old Girl by Police

Mexican authorities are investigating the fatal shooting of a two-year-old girl at the hands of local police. The police officers appear to have mistaken her family’s vehicle for another carrying cartel gunmen. Two police officers have been arrested in connection with the shooting and are facing a variety of charges.

Los Zetas Gunman Shot in Mexican Gun Battle that Killed 8 Caught in Texas

A Los Zetas gunman fled to Texas after being shot multiple times in a fierce gunbattle with Mexican authorities this week. U.S. Border Patrol agents tracked him down, apprehended him, and provided medical assistance. The gunman fled from g a shootout that resulted in eight dead gunmen.

Police Chief from Mexican Border State Charged in Cartel Massacre of U.S. Mormon Family

Mexican federal authorities arrested a local police chief in the border state of Chihuahua in connection with a cartel attack that killed nine U.S. citizens. The murdered women and children were part of a Mormon family residing in Mexico.

GRAPHIC: Gulf Cartel Gunmen Burn Rivals Alive in Mexico near Texas Border

Gulf Cartel gunmen are once again spreading terror among their rivals and citizens alike by leaking photographs and videos of gruesome executions. In the most recent case, Gulf Cartel members from the border city of Reynosa captured the moment when they set fire to two of their rivals who were still alive.

Exclusive Video: Pregnant Migrant Beaten for Crossing Texas Border Without Paying Gulf Cartel Fee, Says JTFW Director

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Joint Task Force-West (JTF-W) Director Manuel Padilla, Jr. told Breitbart News about a pregnant migrant woman who cartel smugglers beat because she did not pay to cross the border.

U.S. Consulate in Mexican Border City Issues Curfew After Days of Cartel Battles

The U.S. Consulate General in the Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo issued a warning and curfew for its employees following three days of violence. The battles between cartel gunmen and Mexican military and law enforcement authorities led to at least 8 fatalities. In a similar fashion, the police department in Laredo, Texas, warned its citizens to avoid unnecessary travel into Mexico.

Eight Killed in Two Days of Gun Battles in Mexican Border City

A series of clashes between members of Los Zetas and the Mexican military led to a two-day span of multiple shootouts in the border city of Nuevo Laredo. At least seven gunmen and one soldier died in the firefights. The gunmen carjacked numerous vehicles and set them on fire in an attempt to block streets and set up ambushes against authorities. The tactics used by the cartel gunmen once again spread terror among residents of that city.

U.S. Prohibits Employee Travel in Chihuahua City Due to Cartel Violence

The United States Consulate General in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, issued a security alert prohibiting U.S. government employees from traveling to the state’s capital city. The newly released travel restriction is in effect until further notice.

Arizona Teen Allegedly Smuggled .50 Caliber Rifle, Ammo into Mexico

Authorities in Mexico arrested and formally charged a 14-year-old teenager who allegedly attempted to smuggle a .50 caliber rifle, other weapons, and ammunition from Arizona into Mexico. The teenager is facing federal charges in a juvenile court in Mexico.

42 Bodies Found in Mass Grave near Popular Mexican Tourist City

Authorities reported the discovery of a mass grave containing at least 42 bodies on the outskirts of a popular Mexican tourist port city near the Arizona border. The grisly discovery occurred just outside Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, also known as Rocky Point — located approximately 60 miles south of Arizona.

EXCLUSIVE: Drug Lord Wanted for Texas Murder Behind Threats to Mexican Border State Cops, Say Officials

Mexican officials say the fugitive Mexican drug lord wanted in Texas for the murder of an FBI informant near Dallas is the prime intellectual suspect behind a gruesome murder and a series of threats against border state cops.

Nat Geo Journalist Shot While Interviewing Drug Dealer in Mexico

Gunmen attacked a National Geographic journalist during an interview with a drug dealer in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. After the shooting, authorities escorted the journalist and his team from the drug den to an international bridge where U.S. consular officials helped them cross the border into El Paso, Texas.

Mexican Officials Downplay Los Zetas Chasing Border State Cops Out of Cartel’s Territory

A group of Los Zetas gunmen riding in armored trucks while carrying .50 caliber rifles, machine guns, and explosives chased a squad of Nuevo Leon police officers out of the cartel’s territory. The police briefly entered the border city of Nuevo Laredo in Tamaulipas. State officials are trying to downplay the attack claiming that Los Zetas did not use grenade launchers or RGP’s, despite multiple law enforcement sources confirming the use of explosive devices.