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Christian Post: Pete Buttigieg’s Bible ‘Missing a Lot of Pages’

A searing essay in the Christian Post Friday examines Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s misapplication of the Bible to justify “far-left positions” on everything from economic policy to same-sex marriage.

‘F*ck Boris’ Stormzy to Read Bible at End of BBC Christmas Show

Grime rapper and Jeremy Corbyn fan Stormzy, real name Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr., is set to read a passage from the Bible at the end of one of BBC One’s Christmas Day programmes.

Kanye West Gospel Album Inspires Group to Give Away 1,000 Bibles to His Fans

Some fans of rap superstar Kanye West are showing an increased interest in the Bible following his conversion to Christianity and new gospel-rap album Jesus is King, with one organization even handing out free Bibles to those who wish to learn more. 

Politico Claims Pastor ‘Apologizes’ for Trump Prayer; Congregants Support Him

Politico claimed Monday that Pastor David Platt of McLean Bible Church had apologized to congregants for his decision to pray for President Donald Trump during the latter’s impromptu Sunday visit. But congregants are backing the pastor.

Tornado Destroys Indiana Home, but Leaves Family Bible Unscathed

As tornadoes ripped through northern Indiana, one family suffered the demolition of their home, but upon touring the loss, the family discovered a Bible remained nearly untouched by the raging winds that destroyed everything else around it.

Phil Robertson, Unashamed: ‘The Evil One’ Is Running the Democrat Party

Duck Commander Phil Robertson expressed hope for Donald Trump remaining in office and Americans returning to faith while slamming the Democrat Party as run by “the Evil One” when he joined Breitbart News Daily radio on SiriusXM Patriot 125 Tuesday.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence: ‘We Think About God’ to ‘Get Through’ Witch Hunts

President Donald Trump shared promises of the Bible in the Rose Garden on Thursday as he joked with Vice President Mike Pence about “witch hunts” and getting through them with God.

Christians Celebrate Easter: Risen from the Dead to Indestructible Life

Hundreds of millions of faithful Christians across the globe are celebrating Easter, the anniversary of the event Christians believe in that – if true – marks a singular status for the person for whom they are named. They say Jesus Christ was bodily resurrected from the grave days after he was publicly executed, and that his rose from the grave to an eternal and indestructible life.