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528Hz Release Inner Conflict & Struggle | Anti Anxiety Cleanse – Stop Overthinking, Worry & Stress

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Learn how to break free emotionally using EFT tapping plus Matrix Reimprinting

monthly-eft-tappingDo you want to break free emotionally? Do you want to resolve traumas and negative memories from throughout your life even going back to childhood? Ever wondered how to apply EFT tapping, combined with advances like Matrix Reimprinting, to skyrocket your results with the Law of Attraction? Well, you have come to the right place. Caryl Westmore is an acclaimed intuitive healer, trained as a specialist in EFT Matrix Reimprinting. Her passion is sharing and teaching the powerful Emotional Freedom Techniques along with Matrix Reimprinting and the Law of Attraction principles so that you can: live your life in the flow of joy and happiness, attract abundance and financial prosperity, feel good, brimming with health and well being, enjoy great relationships with friends and family, find and keep a soul mate to love.

These are the dreams and goals that eluded Caryl herself for many years until she discovered the secrets of emotional freedom as described on her website and in her book, You Can Breakfree Fast three simple steps to Get Unstuck and Attract the Life you Love.

Like a virus on your computer, these negative memories and beliefs, planted in your subconscious by parents, siblings, teachers and many others, can be damaging your chances of finding happiness and emotional freedom as an adult. When you do EFT tapping and include Matrix Reimprinting, you can change your life dramatically. The result: emotional freedom plus a new vibration and ways of attracting and attaining success and fulfillment in your life.

You may want to know more about the origins of EFT tapping. Dr Roger Callahan, an American psychologist, discovered it by accident as a method of curing phobias instantly. He called it Thought Field Therapy. Later Stanford engineer and performance coach Gary Craig studied with Callahan and decided to simplify the method and call it Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT.

EFT is also referred to as energy tapping or psychological acupuncture because you are using fingers, not needles, to tap on the meridian of the body or acupuncture points. When doing EFT you tap on these various points while thinking of your problem, pain or challenge, physical or emotional. This helps release stuck energy and remove traumas that have been frozen in time in your subconscious or energy field to later cause illness, addictions, stress, anxiety, anger and depression.

All over the world thousands of doctors, psychologists, personal development coaches and therapists use or recommend EFT. As a coaching tool, Emotional Freedom Techniques have helped many sportsmen to improve performance with regards to their golf, tennis or other sports.

The practice of tapping on certain physical points and talking might look odd, but any laughter in a session is healing in itself. When a person is feeling helpless or hopeless they are willing to try anything, especially when they get good results.

Caryl is especially dedicated to helping coaches and healers to break free emotionally. A former journalist specializing in stories about healing mind, body and soul, Caryl studied psychology at university and then trained as a therapist of The Journey which uses inner child dialogue, hypnotherapy and NLP also known as Neuro Linguistic Programming to heal pain and trauma from the past. Caryl often uses these along with EFT tapping and Matrix Reimprinting for best results.

Caryl book and website contain many testimonies from clients she has worked with to improve their lives with regards to money, success, love and life purpose.

Can you do EFT Matrix Reimprinting by tapping on yourself? Most certainly, yes. But it is recommended that the first time you tap you do it with the support of an EFT therapist. This can be done with Caryl by telephone or Skype or in a workshop.

And then when it comes to applying the Law of Attraction to magnetize good things into your life, the clearing you have done of past negative issues and beliefs will give you a whole different vibration to attract your dreams and goals.

You can read Caryl blog, press releases and free information on her website, all related to breaking free emotionally; Emotional Freedom Techniques; Matrix Reimprinting; The Law of Attraction, etc. These truly are the way to permanently heal your past by changing old memories and then attract a new life of happiness, success and well being for the future.

Did you heard about Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT tapping? Learn more online!

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Let The Fear In

There_Is_Always_Hope_by_KrzyhoWell, my second book is completed, launched, advertised and read. Now onto my third book, which is somewhat finished, I guess, but I still have to revise. It’s amazing how sometimes your soul postpones things against your will, and then finally allows you to complete them, in a different way, with much better results than you could have ever anticipated. I was born to be a writer — I didn’t want to be it; I wanted to be a doctor. Oh yes, a doctor. Which brings me to the closing part that my subconscious wants me to write. Fine!

Fear is a great friend. It’s an emotion that stems from another place – God-like- and directs you ironically away from the place it needs for you to go. Listen to it. I know it sucks that it has to feel that way, but fear is a strong emotion, and it knows that about you.

The Seizure Visit – Uninvited

ImageThe blasted Seizures had to revisit me yesterday. Not bad, due to the Prozac numbing the panic attacks that are due to the auras. It’s like this. The aura’s come, I feel them, I panic, and that panic drowns my thoughts and a seizure is born! LOL. You actually need meds for all the symptoms, for which I didn’t know until my doc upped the Prozac dosage last month. Now, when the auras come, the panic attacks don’t drown my thoughts –oh but they TRY- and suddenly I’m left with something new; dizziness instead of a big seizure. Last night I found myself waking to a tiny, tiny seizure, and I was like, “You son of a b… don’t you even think about showing yourself!!”

If only doctors would listen closely like they used to years ago. My good doctor at Children’s Memorial used to jot down everything I said about my seizures so he could better understand the mysterious appearance and disappearance of them. So here’s what I found.

 For Seizures – Get meds for them.

 For Auras – Get Prozac for them. Not for the auras, but the panic that immediately follows. It’s those blasted auras that causes the most damage to our psyche. Why? No Auras, no seizures or at least a good chance for none.

I found that right before the weather makes a drastic change, I get them! Yes, my head is a weather barometer. LOL. Or, when something wonderful is about to happen. But mostly the weather. Try telling that to your doctor. LOL.

Sometimes –meaning often in my language- when I walk under a light, it flickers!! I told my doctor that. I said, “Listen, I’m not crazy, my family could verify it. What the hell am I, fricken ‘Powder’?” But as always, when they hear the peculiar, they rule it off as “paranoia”.

The moral? Go with the flow. Remember that just because you go through the same cycle of illness for years, doesn’t mean it will be like that forever. I never thought that my ‘auras’ would change for the better like they did. Oh, and if strange things happen around you when it comes to electricity, my seizure friends, it most likely isn’t paranoia. Yes, most likely they are really happening because of your beautiful mind. Just don’t tell it to your doctor. They aren’t scientists. Instead, write it down.