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Bible Urge – Part 3 – God Giveth, God Taketh

Seth was the other son that Adam created. After the generations began, that stemmed from Adam and Eve that stemmed from Seth who created his son ‘Enos’ –the list goes on and on- men lived far past the age we are used to seeing. With the grace or rather ‘power’ of God, according to Genesis, he allowed men, I don’t know about women, but men to live for about 800 years!!! If I read correctly – didn’t Google to avoid confusion- they would wait, some till their 60’s, others till they were in their 100’s, to create children. LOL. Lucky guys! I mean think about it, no pressure at all, enjoy life and then say, “Oh, I think it’s time to create children.”

In the reality of the species multiplying, this makes sense, looking outside the box. Remember, don’t think too hard about this, the tree of knowledge and the apple is just tempting me, you to look deeper. Don’t. Not yet. No retrospective either because this is the farthest back we go. Back to the paragraph. This way, it allowed them to create children over and over, and over and over again. But then, something happened. Oh, yes! Something always happens, even the here and now, that matches the past, the start and beginning. I don’t know that connection fully yet, it’s just a feeling. Anyway, something happened in the eyes of God.

After men saw that the daughters were –let’s say ‘pretty’ I guess –lol- they took them as wives. And suddenly God told them that His spirit couldn’t always strive with men and allow their ages to reach this unusual height. So, he told them that he’s changing their age limit to 120 years old. That’s the limit, because they are of God but also of the flesh, meaning humans. It makes sense for what happened next. A person living 800 years gives them enough time to learn of the goodness of God, keep it and teach it to others. But 120 years, well you either sink or swim, you either sin, quickly repent, or sin and after years and years of sinning, before you can change your mind, you’re dead. LOL.

Anyway, so God saw that the land suddenly was filled with evil. They were doing, thinking evil things, evil was in the air and it made God –I guess- ashamed because he created this species who are now doing everything that God did not want them to do. Man, it’s as if the stories, that were past on from Adam and Eve about the Garden, God himself, were somehow lost in the bedtime stories, the true essence of where they came from just ‘vanished’ to many. Funny, like now. At least we have this ‘bible’ to read from and learn from. They didn’t have anything except the stories they suddenly chose to ignore. Their freewill chose poorly.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. After he changed the age limit, it states that there were giants in the earth.

“There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.”

It –without looking deep- does make sense a little. In the start of any invention, from an inventor’s point of view, he has a vision that includes experimenting, even with sizes till he gets it just right.

So they began sinning, evil filled them, and God said –threatened- that he would destroy them, even the beasts, etc. Yet, like with all great stories, something caught the eyes of God. And that was Noah.

We learn now of the generations of Noah. You see, according to the writings, Noah was perfect in every way, and his generations were perfect. I guess that means they were not deformed from close breeding, but most importantly, they truly believed in God in every way. At least Noah did. Noah was perfect on the outside and the inside. He had three sons, perfect in Noah’s likeness, so God had a plan. We all know what that is. He told him to build an ark, so he could wipe all the sin from the earth while Noah and his family were safe. He told him that he would destroy all that is ‘on’ the earth and ‘in’ the earth. Hmm. He told Noah to bring two of every kind of animal, but does not mention to him to bring the ‘beasts’ of the land. Anyway, so Noah, his wife, the three sons and their wives, went aboard the ark.

It’s amazing to me what history was lost before the flood. There was no room for the giants, so they were screwed. No room for extremely large animals, larger than elephants, so they were screwed. All because they chose sin over good. So many generations lost. So many secrets, answers to riddles, teachings from the wise, lost as the flood swept them away. But I guess God had to do it. Why? Because many of us think about it even today.

We sometimes look around, see the evil, and wonder how we wish it could all vanish. We sometimes desire that evil penetrating so many, would just leave so we can begin fresh with only the good people to surround us. Impossible I know. But, at least at one time we thought that. And that thought could have come on by simply seeing a rude person in a supermarket. We wonder, “Where did that rudeness come from?”

As I look deeper in the story, I now understand why we are lucky to be on this land, alive still, able to –let me think- change our ways if we think they are of evil or of wrong.  We have that chance!!! They did not. We have to make our ‘inventor’ proud of his inventions. Why? Lol. Cause he can easily unplug us.

I found myself attempting to eat that metaphoric apple after every verse I read. But I denied it when I realized I was looking too deep into this. Somehow, even on the comfort of my balcony, that snake was trying to feed me that darn apple. This story –in every way- is a glimpse outside of the box for which we live in. That’s it. We are enclosed –by our own choice and the choices of others- in our own boxes that when showed a vision or chapter of a world that existed outside this box, we automatically –it seems- laugh at it, after we eat from the tree of knowledge. One of my attempts to question after I at least took a taste of the apple, was why a flood? Why didn’t God just simply unplug them all? Luckily I received my answer quickly. It was to make a STATEMENT! He knew, oh he knew this event would be remembered, would make its way into this good book and he wanted it to be used as a warning. As a writer, I know about foreshadows, where to put them, and what things are not important and to simply leave them out of a fictional story. Crying out loud, I’ve had 20 years to learn that. So this was placed here for a powerful reason to show how only a few members of our generation were saved. The rest had perished. The last part I read was after Noah and his family and all the animals entered the ark.

Moral? Freewill is everywhere. Choices we make today will have repercussions tomorrow. Who began that sin that spread to all? It had to be one, that one person who abused their freewill, sinned and was seen doing this by others, causing them to say, “Well, if he could do that, so can I.” God was more concerned with that more so than the way people looked on the outside. Because it was the inside and how they chose evil that opened his eyes in anger. Beauty truly is on the inside! No matter who you are, what you are, as long as you’re beautiful within, choosing to be good, not giving into wickedness that stemmed from Cain, not giving into that evil temptation that pushes you by making you feel ashamed after you did that action, saying that hurtful name, etc., God sees you as he saw Noah…perfect! That’s what I took from this story of generation thus far. God only saved the good, not like with the Titanic where only the rich were able to survive. No! He saved the good. Maybe, just like I will, after you finish this article, you can go outside and look at the clouds. Corny!! But true. And say to the skies, “Thank you.” Maybe we might be surprise what will happen to us next.

To finish, as I read deeper I’m starting to see correlations in the todays, seeing people as if it was before the flood. Weird. I see Cain’s and Abel’s, now I’m seeing Seth’s and Noah’s, and the wickeds, even pondering over seeing what God may have referred to as the beasts; dinosaurs. Oh yes I went there! LOL. Anything’s possible. I made it a rule before I started this blog to stop listening to others confuse my life by writing books about how to live it while making money in the meantime. How convenient. That’s one of the reasons for my ‘bible urge’. It was written in the far past –positive- it’s simple and to the point –positive- and most importantly, it speaks about our inventor, our creator, our reason why our hearts are beating without them being plugged into anything, our reasons why people choose between good and evil, and where we stemmed from. I’m not a preacher, but rather a student. I am happy to have had a glimpse of the reality of the past, true or metaphoric if you believe, which seemed to have been outside the box. Very outside. Until the next chapter, take care, or maybe to be more in connection with the topic, God bless.

Bible Urge – Part 2 – The Paths That Seperate Us

ImageCane killed Abel!!! That’s what I just read. He killed him out of jealousy and lied to God when asked about his whereabouts. Cain said, “I’m not my brothers keeper.” What happened? Cain offered God his fruit ‘leftovers’ while Abel offered God his best offerings. What a coward. Yet, people do it in this day and age still.

YES. They –some- first take care of themselves, make sure to eat or buy the best, and then after their thirst has been quenched, then they think of others and offer an offering to them, not thinking that anyone will notice. Or, better yet, they go to church and thank God when something wonderful happens to them, instead of praying or visiting God even at the worst and best of times simultaneously. But God knows. He knew Cain was offering him leftovers from the crops he grew, or not the best, and he knew that Abel was offering him his best of his heard. Abel put God first, and thought about himself second. Funny how we do that today.

It reminds me that in this day and age, we are not too far away from that beginning. Cain’s are still killing Abel’s in the here and now. And, if you want to go deep, just as God gave everything to Adam before he ate the apple, we are living in the day and age where we have everything at our fingertips as well. Funny. The Garden of Eden has found its way back to us. Technology is everywhere. We, as a society –it’s not bad either- have made it so that we get instant gratification, just as Adam was able to get instant food, beauty, life in general. Yet… what is our version of the tree of knowledge today? Have we eaten the apple again? No, not yet, at least not to my ‘knowledge’.

Quick note. Nice things are starting to occur in my life ever since I opened the good book that so many others preached about over the years. I don’t know what it is. It’s like there’s magic to the bible, a power that your spirit sees, remembers and acts upon. I don’t know if the spirit tells God, “Yes, he finally opened the book, and guess what? He’s reading it!!”

Back to the story. So, Abel was the very first death in this life and at the same time, the very first MURDER VICTIM. And Cain was the very first murderer, the first to sin out of evil. Strange. These two boys began a trail of good and evil that has circled through to the here and now. Cain’s punishment was to wander the earth, leave his parents, leading a life of an ‘exile’, but was given some mark by God when he cried out for God’s mercy.  So, his punishment was… to live, to live while begging for God’s mercy. Hmm. So…

By freewill, they created two paths that we follow to this day. The path of Cain –a very lonely and bad path– and the path of Abel –a good path- that sometimes seems hard, a path that sometimes ‘bad things happen to good people’ kind of thing. But regardless, a path that pleases God, your God, a path that pleases you, your spirit, soul. It is a path of good. The ‘roads’ of good and evil were created on that day of Abel’s murder. Roads that have made their way to the here and now! Wow!

So, whenever you feel that your life sucks, just retrace your steps and see if you did everything right, everything good and righteous. And after –I guess –if you added up everything and it points to the road of Abel, then don’t worry, you’ll be fine. God will make sure of it. But……… if you added things up and you have somehow detoured to the path of Cain, just back up and start thinking again. What I got from this chapter was this. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, famous or an ogre. The easy roads are always the Cain’s. He was jealous, so he killed. That’s easy. Just like people in this day. People who use, or are gold diggers, or share another’s bed over and over again to get that raise, or crush souls to get to the top, those are the roads of Cain. Example of an actor doing very bad things with someone powerful in the industry to get a part in a movie, verses an actor just working hard for the part by perfecting their craft and not getting the part. Cain’s and Abel’s. A worker lying to his boss about his co-worker just to get that promotion; Cain’s and Abel’s. LOL. They aren’t getting away with anything. Why? Cause idiot Cain thought that God didn’t know of his crimes. LOL. Wow! I mean, I’ve heard of liars and cheats and thieves and sinners lying to keep face, but when you have the audacity to lie to God, then something is seriously wrong with your brain.

Success to them, at that moment, was to please God with their offerings. But how they did it automatically separated them. So, the next time you win the lottery, give to a charity first, and then please yourself.

The end of the chapter showed how Cain had children, not so sure about Abel though; I think not I know, I know what you are thinking. But if you have to create civilization I guess, you have to go to extremes, I guess. Perhaps Adam and Eve lived for hundreds and hundreds of years. It is possible, especially when God personally creates you from the dirt. Don’t judge the past. Just because it may seem impossible in these days doesn’t mean the possible was taken out from time long ago.

Moral? Geez. Choose the path of Abel. Work wise, you can choose the path of either boys. But freewill, always think, “What would Abel do?” What I have learned thus far from this chapter of Genesis; Yep… I’m an Abel. It sucks at times, but that’s who I am. I have had Cain thoughts, not urges, but thoughts of ‘what if’, the type where I know if I do this, it would be a very big shortcut to the path I wanted, but it would be sinful. So I look away. Through all of this, I still have sympathy for Cain. What was he thinking? And poor Abel. My Gosh, the guy was trying to do everything right, good, and his life was taken because of it by another observer who saw him as a ‘kiss a…” But he wasn’t. He was naturally good.

So no matter how bad things are, good things are, thank God during everything. Man… I sound like a preacher. LOL. This I am not. I am an observer, trying to find truth, searching for sanity, putting together puzzle pieces of my righteous life and trying to answer the question, “I’m a good person, so why has so many bad things happened to me,” without feeling sorry for myself. 

I look up to Abel. I mean, I look up to God too, but no one will ever be as perfect as God, cause he invented us. It’s like saying that the invention looks up to the inventor, when the invention should not only look up to the inventor, but other good inventions that the inventor created. Does that make sense? Even in heaven, God will still be more perfect than us.

To end this post, I wanted to give thanks to all the Abel’s out there. You are wiser than most. Thank you for choosing the good path; because you make others happy, their lives are filled with your kindness, somehow. We can feel it in the air. And to those that chose the path of Cain, or close to it –without me preaching- I don’t know how you can get back on the path of Abel. Maybe, just maybe, you can simply ask God for that path. Maybe it’s that simple, maybe not. Only you know that answer. Change your ways, and your fate will change with it. But I’m not a preacher. No, I’m just quenching my ‘bible urge’. Take care, Abel’s….

Bible Urge – Long Overdue

ImageI never read the bible before. Funny. This past year, something ‘wanted’ or ‘needed’ me to read it. It was a force. No, it was an urge. Like fishing I guess. You learn about fishing your whole life, but never take the time to actually go to the pond. Then you go to the pond, and sit and stare at the water, never actually casting out your reel. Why? Maybe you know that the fish aren’t biting. Maybe other people told you they weren’t and you tell yourself, “This is a waste of time, they already told me they weren’t biting today.” So why would a fish bite on your bait? And after years and years of going to the big pond and hearing that the fish weren’t biting –over and over- you finally ignore them and cast out your line.

Well… after years, I’ve finally casted out my reel into the big pond! And around the 3rd chapter of Genesis, I got a bite!!

Many of the things I learned thus far in these few chapters connected to my instincts I already had in me, but just learned to numb over the years because OTHERS told me they were wrong, or they were ‘not politically correct’, a phrase I believe was invented by the devil. LOL.

For instance, I always wondered why it was easy to leave my mother and father when I found my future wife. I love my parents so much, and always feared leaving them or them leaving me. But when you find your mate, as God said, -paraphrasing- he made it so that it would be easy for the man to leave his parents. And when you marry, you attach to your wife, and become one flesh. Wow! As if the rib that was taken is given back to you. You are complete…. And I always felt bad or sad to have lost that urge of being attached to my parents like I was. It’s…God’s will.

Oh, man, I’m sounding like a religious guru. Listen, I’m anything but that. I love God, Jesus, and everyone, but I don’t preach it to others, and this short post is not about that. I guess it’s about ‘connecting’ to something that I used to be ‘connected’ to years ago, maybe even before I was born. Intense, I know.

And I always wondered why I had this instinctively, yet annoying urge to work!! I hate working, but something inside of me, deep, deep, deep inside of me finds it passionate. Even rich men work, but it’s the type of work that separates them. Adam and Eve’s children. Cain and Abel.

ImageCain tilled the land. And Abel tended to the sheep; his flock. My theory or what it connects with: So, you have blue collars; the Cain’s of the world working their hardest for the land. And… you have the White collars: the Abel’s of the world working to tend to the sheep, ‘keeper of sheep’. Both are equally important. Both must work in order to – I guess- enjoy their food after a hard days work. But I have to continue reading to find out more!

ImageAnd knowledge. It does come with a price. Just because your ignorant to a hidden truth behind a truth that your were told to make life easier, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. For instance, the tree of knowledge. It’s funny. God told them not eat from it. Why shouldn’t one eat from a tree called ‘knowledge’? Right? Because, after they ate from it, their souls – I guess – were no longer innocent. God told them things, already gave them wonderful instincts to help them live a wonderful, easy life. Basically he was saying, “Okay listen, I’ll give you everything, just don’t ask me how I did it!” Why? Because he’s God. God doesn’t or didn’t expect them to see through his eyes, to think how he thought, to understand and comprehend how he did. Why? Because he’s God! It wouldn’t be fair to understand his brilliance as it wasn’t intended. Rather, seeing his brilliance and everything that it created was GOOD ENOUGH. It… didn’t cause confusion.

It’s like asking a genius to teach a non-genius how to be a genius. After he teaches, the non-genius will be even more confused! It’s like asking a cloud why, instead of how, it creates rain? “Why” and “how” are the true forms that separate life. “Why” is easy. But explaining “how”, that’s where you have to eat from the tree of knowledge and get ready for massive confusion, theories, and sadly, losing your inherited innocents of how you were meant to perceive life, not being confused by it just because another is due to them eating from the tree of knowledge are now pursuing an endless riddle that they will never, ever solve. Why won’t they solve it? DARNETT, because they weren’t meant to solve it. They weren’t meant to be a genius like God, but rather enjoy what his genius created!!

ImageThat’s not to say learning isn’t good. I’m referring to the yearning of ‘where we came from’, ‘who we are’, ‘why are we like this’, etc. We are who we are, because God is who he is. When scientists discover something new, they explain their complex knowledge of how and then follow it by why. But scientists don’t realize they are God’s cooks. Meaning, the ones who discover the recipes that God used to create things. Just because there is an explanation, doesn’t mean we have to take out the mystery and wonder of it. Yes, they uncovered what God put together to let’s say make ‘oxygen’, or ‘form a planet’, or ‘make a volcano erupt’, etc. They PUT TOGETHER God’s recipe, hence they ate from the tree of knowledge even more. It’s not a bad thing, but we just have to always include God in this newfound knowledge.

Where did we come from? God took the dust from the ground and formed man, and breathed life, a soul into its nostrils. So we came from dirt. Okay, then so be it. But evolutionists accept that dinosaurs came from oil! So, rather then me listening to humans telling me where humans came from, I’ll listen to a God telling me where humans came from! Makes sense. Because so many people are so full of sh….

Oh that reminds me. God created the ‘beasts’ of the land too. He must be referring to the dinosaurs. Why? Because there a fricken dinosaur bones in museums!! I’m choosing to read at face value, not eat from the tree of knowledge anymore because I am STUFFED. So ‘how’ he created them or ‘why’ is not important here. Eat from the tree and get lost in a web of confusion if you want. We have 100 years to live, spend it how you want. I’m just repeating what I’ve learned and got from only 3 bloody chapters so far! LOL. 3 chapters??  Amazing!!

ImageThe moral? Sometimes the answers were already answered. You just have to have faith and keep on reading. Just as long as what you are reading is of good, then nothing bad can come from it. Right? It’s funny; I was born an Abel who is living the life of a Cain. LOL. Everything happens for a reason I guess. If you don’t want to be confused, then just don’t get too close to the reason, cause then you’ll be eating from the tree of knowledge and anything can happen. But remember, you always have a choice. That is our freedom, our freewill to get answers or to recreate the questions and ignore the answers that were already given. LOL. That’s funny. Choices are everywhere. It reminds me of something recently.  Just look at Harry Potter. He had the most powerful wand in the world; the apple of the tree. And he chose to break it. I don’t think I need to explain why he broke it. You answer it….

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