Surveillance Video Of Jeffrey Epstein’s First Failed Suicide Attempt Has Vanished!

Conspiracy time!!!

According to court docs from a Wednesday hearing in NYC, federal prosecutors say they suddenly “can not locate” footage of Jeffrey Epstein‘s first suicide attempt, which occurred back in late July. Speaking in front of the judge, the feds had “no explanation” for why the footage has gone missing, and they’ve been unable to locate it anywhere. Hmmm…

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As you’ll probably recall, the footage in question here concerns Epstein’s July 23 suicide attempt, which took place at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City. Two weeks later, he reportedly attempted suicide again, and died — though there’s no shortage of questions about the suspicious nature of his death.

Regardless, the missing footage is now another layer of bull s**t heaped on top of what has thus far been a remarkably controversial — and highly questionable — set of circumstances. The prison guards who presided over Epstein’s actual suicide in August have since been accused of falsifying records, and there’s now a criminal probe into their conduct on that fateful day.

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Epstein’s mysterious death in August was (coincidentally?) remarkably convenient for some of the world’s most powerful men… / (c) Johnny Louis/WENN/Florida Department of Law Enforcement

And Epstein’s former cell mate, ex-cop and accused murderer Nick Tartaglione, may now be facing further criminal scrutiny in this case if the footage really is gone forever. Tartaglione previously claimed he saved Epstein from suicide on that fateful July day; the convicted sex offender claimed he was attacked by the ex-cop, rather than being saved.

As for the missing footage, well, it appears there’s not much the judge could do other than tell prosecutors to find it. Knowing how conspiracy-fueled this case has been so far, something tells us the footage may never be found?? Just saying…

Of course, Esptein’s suicide — and his apparent knowledge of and connection to deeply disturbing activities — is a far bigger deal than prosecutors simply trying to figure out the man’s death. Major figures like Bill Clinton and Donald Trump have been implicated in significant dealings with the convicted sex offender in the past, as well as the ever-embattled Prince Andrew, who has continuously come under fire for his bizarre denials of any accusations relating to Epstein.

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So much going on with this story!!!

The bottom line is today’s news here probably only reinforces those who believe this to be some kind of massive conspiracy in the making, and honestly… we get it. Something feels wrong here!

What do U think, Perezcious readers?! Do U even believe Epstein committed suicide, or was he murdered?? Where do U come down on this whole story? Sound OFF with all your thoughts in the comments (below)…

[Image via New York State Division of Criminal Justice]

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