Snooki Claps Back At Criticism Over Postpartum Fitness Goals Just Days After Giving Birth

Listen up mommy-shaming trolls: Snooki is not apologizing for her fitness goals!

Just four days after giving birth to her third child, son Angelo James, the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star has come under fire for showing off her postpartum body (above) and sharing her fitness goals online.

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On Monday, the 31-year-old, born Nicole Polizzi, shared the confident mirror selfie with her millions of followers on Instagram.

Describing her plans for getting back in shape after giving birth, she wrote:

“4 days postpartum & body is feeling good besides the fact that my cramps still feel like contractions! Still healing but can’t wait to jump back into the gym hardcore this summer! Time to be a fit mawma again for my nuggets 💪🏽

Firstly, let us just add that Polizzi looks healthy, happy and damn good in that photo!

But continuing on a more serious note — postpartum, and all of the physical and emotional changes that come with it, can be pretty challenging for most women to handle. Considering the fact that Angelo is Snooki’s third child, this isn’t her first rodeo and it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about her own healing process.

Setting a future, realistic fitness goal for yourself isn’t exactly a crime, is it?

Well, almost immediately after posting the photo, trolls flooded the comments section and lashed out at the TV personality for admitting that she misses the gym.

One user wrote:

“Is this really necessary???? God forbid you don’t look skinny days after birth🙄🙄 there’s women out here struggling months after to lose weight but you just HAVE to show everyone how thin you look already! This is like the fourth pic of your body you posted.. we get it!”

Another user commented on society’s obsession with shedding baby weight after giving birth, adding:

“Why is there so much pressure to bounce back? Why is there so much focus on how flat a new moms belly is?”

This feels like a good time to chime in and add that it’s 100 percent a woman’s exclusive right to decide how she feels about her own body.

In response to the backlash, Snooki edited her original post caption to add:

“EDIT: Receiving backlash because I can’t wait to get in the gym and get fit again? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but don’t attack me for wanting to become strong and fit again after my pregnancy. My boobs are leaking and pulsating, my butthole is sore and my cramps are unbearable & I’m still wearing a diaper the size of Texas. Postpartum is a bitch. But I’m allowed to look on the bright side of things and want to get back into shape. Don’t punish me for that. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR ADVICE ON HOW TO DEAL WITH RECOVERY! I’m still keeping my diaper on for weeks tho.”

TBH, we couldn’t have said it any better, girl!

Despite all that noise, it appears that things are otherwise going really well for the star and her new bundle of joy at home!

Ch-ch-check out four-year-old Givovanna and six-year-old Lorenzo hanging with their new baby bro (below):

How sweet!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?

Was that initial criticism completely unnecessary, or valid considering Snooki’s large platform? And while we’re discussing it, do we need to put an end to mommy-shaming culture online altogether? When comments aren’t about the safety of a child or an immediate threat, is it still okay to spew your thoughts?

Tell us how you feel about it all in the comments section below!

[Image via Snooki/Instagram]

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