Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman Call An ‘Official Truce’ On Their Prank Feud

The world can finally rest easy, because Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have finally called an “official truce” on their friendly feud.

Apparently, years of trying to one-up each other with traumatizing pranks and personal swipes on social media has left both actors damaged — so they officially decided to bury the hatchet on Instagram Thursday (picture above).

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In an effort to make amends, the actors revealed plans to make ads for each other’s companies: the Logan actor pledged to make the “most amazing” ad for Reynolds’ company, Aviation Gin, while the Deadpool star vowed to make a “beautiful” ad for Jackman’s company, Laughing Man Coffee.

But maybe don’t expect this truce to last forever. Blake Lively’s husband later shared an edited version of the pic on his IG Stories, showing a grenade in the actors’ hands and Jackman’s Wolverine claws popped behind his back in the mirror:

Ha! We’ll see how long these boys can pretend to play nice for.

[Image via Instagram]

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