Ryan Murphy Reveals Title For ‘American Horror Story’ Season 9 — With A Spooky New Teaser!

With all the Asylums, Covens, Freakshows, Hotels, and underground bunkers American Horror Story has already explored, you might be thinking the series will eventually run out of locations that scare the wigs off its viewers.

Well, Ryan Murphy is one step ahead of you. According to the newly announced titled of the upcoming ninth season, AHS won’t just be heading to a new location, it’ll be heading to a new decade… the ‘80s, to be exact!

On Wednesday, the AHS mastermind revealed that the ninth season of his hit horror anthology would be titled AHS: 1984!

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Teasing some 80s-style slasher madness, the show runner shared on Instagram:

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AHS SEASON 9 is called…

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Whoa. Eat your heart out, Stranger Things! Or, carve your heart out, Stranger Things?

Either way, watch out, Stranger Things. AHS wants in on that ‘80s nostalgia!

Horror fans will know that the ‘80s were a huge decade for the genre. Franchises like Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Evil Dead, and the later Halloween movies were all ruling the screen, inspiring studios to churn out lesser (but still memorable) B-movies like Sleepaway Camp, The House on Sorority Row, and The Slumber Party Massacre.

Yes, most of these films involve hot teenagers having sex and doing drugs before a masked killer slaughters them one by one: a formula that went on to be satirized many times in films like Scream, Cabin In The Woods, and The Final Girls — which, interestingly enough, starred AHS regular, Taissa Farmiga.

So, hopefully Murphy will give us a dose of slasher fun — much like he did in the first season of the horror-comedy series Scream Queens, and tried to do in the inferior second season of Scream Queens — but modernize it with some type of relevant commentary.

Maybe here’s where Murph can even squeeze in that #MeToo series he was thinking about doing for a second?

Okay, never mind! Sorry we even brought that up…

As of now, the series co-creator only confirmed that Emma Roberts would be returning for season nine and that her boyfriend would be played by franchise newbie Gus Kenworthy. (Yes, the Olympic freestyle skier. He’s acting now… don’t question it.)

It’s unclear what other series regulars will also appear in 1984, but it’s safe to assume series mainstay Sarah Paulson will be returning and playing at least three different characters.

And, this may be wishful thinking, but perhaps Scream Queens star — and OG scream queen — Jamie Lee Curtis could make an appearance as well? Hey, stranger cameos have happened… (looking at you, Stevie Nicks.) 

AHS: 1984 is set to air in the fall on FX. Are U excited for the inevitable bloodbath?

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