REPORT: Trump escalates pressure campaign on Tehran with appeal to Iranians

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The Trump administration’s maximum pressure campaign against Iran’s nuclear ambitions is evolving to include direct appeals to the Iranian people.

But critics warn that the effort, in response to Tehran’s brutal crackdown on popular protests, will only encourage Tehran to strike out more aggressively, both against its own people and in the region. They argue that, in turn, will make the U.S. and its allies the main targets of military attacks.

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The administration’s move comes as Tehran prepares for renewed protests as Iranians commemorate 40 days of mourning for those killed in demonstrations that took place in mid-November. At least 1,500 Iranians are believed to have been killed over two weeks of protests, according to a report by Reuters citing Iranian officials, with the newest death toll significantly higher than previous estimates.

In November, the State Department responded to the uprisings with an unusual request: appealing directly to the Iranian people that they send video and photographic evidence of human rights abuses by security officials.

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