REPORT: School District Sues State AG to Allow Staff to Carry Guns

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A Virginia school district filed suit against state attorney general Mark Herring (D.) late last month over his office’s refusal to allow their staff to carry firearms on school property despite meeting standards for a specialized law enforcement position.

In July, Lee County School Board unanimously approved a plan for certain staff to become special conservators of the peace. That would allow them to legally carry firearms on school property in order to supplement the presence of armed school resource officers. The district currently only has officers at 5 of their 11 schools.

The article goes on to state the following:

Herring, however, refused to allow the first applicant who completed the training required under Virginia law, superintendent Dr. Brian Austin, to be granted the designation.

“Our kids deserve a safe, secure learning environment when they come to school, and adding guns and armed, unqualified personnel to our classrooms is incompatible with that goal,” Herring said in a statement to the Washington Post last summer. “Virginia law expressly limits who may possess firearms on school grounds for safety purposes, and the General Assembly declined to enact bills presented every year from 2013 through 2017 to extend this authority to school teachers and administrators.”

The school board responded by filing a lawsuit in the Circuit Court of Lee County against the state.

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