REPORT: Parnas connected to Trump campaign donors in new documents

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Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas was in contact with at least two major Trump campaign donors– one with an official role in the Republican National Committee– during his efforts to pressure Ukraine into opening politically motivated investigations, documents released by the House Intelligence committee this week revealed.

Parnas’ interactions with the two men, Harry Sargeant III and Tommy Hicks Jr. — who have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to fundraising vehicles for the president — provides more fuel to assertions by the president’s critics that political motives – and not the nation’s foreign policy goals — drove the efforts in Ukraine.

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In an interview on CNN on Thursday, Parnas confirmed his work in Ukraine was all about ensuring President Trump remained in office.

Parnas claims “everybody viewed” the efforts as being “all about 2020, to make sure [Trump] had another four years.”

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