REPORT: Democrats file brief against Trump, the ‘Founders’ worst nightmare’

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House Democrats on Saturday unveiled an extensive outline of their legal case heading into the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump, lending a preview of the arguments — both substantial and procedural — underlying the central assertion that the president abused his office and should be removed.

In the 111-page brief, Democrats argued that Trump committed high crimes and misdemeanors, charging him with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, laying out the evidence and legal analysis they intend to present.

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“The evidence overwhelmingly establishes that he is guilty of both. The only remaining question is whether the members of the Senate will accept and carry out the responsibility placed on them by the Framers of our Constitution and their constitutional Oaths,” the brief reads. “History will judge each Senator’s willingness to rise above partisan differences, view the facts honestly, and defend the Constitution.”

The report says Democrats maintain their allegations that Trump was pressuring a foreign power to get dirt on a 2020 political rival and say the “only lingering question they have is if the Senate will be a fair arbiter of justice.”

Read the brief:

House Impeachment Trial Brief by M Mali on Scribd

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