REPORT: Cory Booker announces his State of the Union guest

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Newly minted Presidential candidate Cory Booker will use the State of the Union to spotlight his dedication to criminal justice reform and highlight the benefits of bipartisan compromise.

The New Jersey senator will be bringing Edward Douglas, a former prisoner from Chicago, to the State of the Union on Tuesday. Douglas was given a lifetime prison sentence in 2003 for selling 140 grams of crack cocaine, but was eligible for release after Trump signed the First Step Act into law last December. Douglas was released on Jan. 10.

The article goes on to state the following:

“This isn’t just about me,” said Douglas. “I was one of the first ones to benefit from the First Step Act, but there are people right now that are still locked away for harsh penalties that far outweigh the crimes they committed. This is the first step of my reentry and legislative reform. I am hopeful that, like me and the men and women I left behind in prison, America is also ready for positive criminal justice change.”

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