REPORT: Biden in ‘candidate protection program’ to avoid gaffes

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Former President Barack Obama’s chief campaign strategist David Axelrod said that Joe Biden’s campaign seems to be trying to protect him from making gaffes or appearing to be too old for the presidency.

Axelrod told the New York Times that he thought the campaign’s strategy of insulating Biden from the press and holding back the famously garrulous former vice president from making any controversial remarks has worked so far, but said the campaign will have to pivot to allow him to be “more venturesome” with his remarks and appearances.

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“I think they’ve been really, really adroit in the early going,” Axelrod said. “Clearly, they’re trying to do enough to show the flag but not so much that it exposes him to either mistakes or fatigue. But the pace is going to quicken as the race goes on and you can’t keep him in candidate protection program.”

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