REPORT: Afghanistan begs US troops to stay

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Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has offered to negotiate ways to minimize the costs of keeping U.S. troops in Afghanistan amid concern that U.S. forces will pull out of the region prematurely, a new report says.

Although Ghani did not include specific proposals for how to cut costs of U.S. troops and contractors in Afghanistan, his letter to President Trump dated Monday says the objective is “maximum effectiveness to aid efficiency.” He also requested Trump visit Afghanistan soon to “discuss a mutually beneficial path forward toward lasting peace and increased security for both of our countries and peoples,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

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Ghani also alluded to media reports that Trump instructed the Pentagon to withdraw half of the roughly 14,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan in December, although the National Security Council denied that such orders were given.

“While the Afghan government remains a steadfast and committed partner to the United States in the pursuit of our shared security and peace objectives, we are aware of the recent changes in the context of our relationships and a seeming shift in U.S. priorities and objectives in our country and the region,” Ghani wrote in the letter.

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