Reindeer Games? Elf’s Accounts Of Santa’s Secret Workshop – Reindeer’s Don’t Lie And Mrs. Clause Is The Puppet Master


Jeff Brad, a 98-year-old man from the sticks of the North Pole, claims insights into the backstory of what he labeled “The Clauses”. In an interview last December, numerous sources claim that the then ‘Elf 1’, now known as AKA ‘Jeff’, was in the center of hot cocoa controversy when he filmed the ‘mythical’ Santa inside of the workshop Jeff calls ‘The Wood’.

Jeff told, “It is a real place, and the stories that you’ve heard are true but altered with pixie dust and candy cane dreams.”

Candy cane dreams?

Jeff seemed to insinuate that the whole story of the Clauses was fabricated and coated to make it look like an innocent story when the true evil lies in what Mrs. Clause turned it into…a nightmare.

“Trafficking the worst of the worst,” Jeff continued. “Drugs put into the toys … everything … we build for very low wages, receive only one hot cocoa an hour cause Mrs. Clause knew the sugar would fuel our tiny muscles. And all while she feeds Santa cookie after cookie … so much that he can’t even get up anymore. The lead ‘M’ took control of the ‘Wood’ by immobilizing Santa.”

What’s more, as Jeff recalled the nightmare on the North Street, is other elves tried to come forward with their own stories of struggle and tiny dreams shattered by the ‘M’s” tyrant nature to feed her own greed.

“Some escaped, others simply hid in Santa’s bag on the sled, but they never could get past the guards – demons – that you call ‘Reindeer.”

Jeff recounted many ties with the Clause family that stemmed from a deep-rooted hatred from the toy industry taking over in the recent century. What Jeff labeled the ‘the deep snow’ a term for the political parties that are called ‘Santacratics’ and ‘Elficans’, he says that both know of the evil that lies in the ‘Wood’ and only the people can stop its growth.

“I got away… I was lucky.”

We’ve contacted the North Pole for comment but they never returned our call, instead leaving coal in our stockings with a message of warning that read, “The snow’s deep here, don’t get caught up in it.” Jeff claims that he knows the writing from the messages.

“It belongs to her … she can make anyone disappear. Merry Christmas!”

As new developments take shape, we will keep you updated.

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