Qanon Update 5-24-18 : AF1 Photos?

A ‘dot’ for you to connect in any way you see fit. Should you wish to do further research, do a search for ‘AF1’ on this page…

Also new Q site……

MegaAnon adds “No, those 100% are NOT real time or any time pics from AF1, in active flight and if the Q fucks were legitimate, they’d fucking know better than to post that with people on here who can tell you exactly WHY they’re not. Factually, I don’t care if your POTUS or not, neither does the DOD/USAF. Go read the protocols and policies for all aboard AF1. You cannot post location ID’ing pics, in real time, while in flight. The network on board wouldn’t even let you do that in the first place. It’s heavily filtered and restricted and will be until new 2019 AF1 roll out.”


Author: Weather Internal

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