You can’t imagine the size of this. These people are stupid. We have it all. Mack is singing like a canary. Naming names. Big names. In Hollywood and government. Local and Federal. Proof. #Q

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The Red Cross, Double-Cross, and So Much More! On Today’s #NewQ. #QAnon #GreatAwakening

#QAnon came back today.

Remember how quickly NK unfolded? Because so many things were going on behind the scenes that we didn’t know about?

I think Iran is going to be very similar.

Q basically says here that they’ve been working to diffuse Iran. Remember how NK was publicly “testing” Nukes, but in reality, they had nuclear capacity since 2004? Iran is much the same, and all funded by Obama, so that the deep state could hold the world hostage.


You could even hold the US hostage – no matter who was at the helm – and force them to agree to things like The Paris Accord – in order to “legally” smuggle obscene amounts of cash out of the nation.

No wonder the MSM and talking heads made such a ruckus when we announced we were pulling out of The Paris Accord.

Perhaps this is why Q dropped that one post about Al Gore last night. Al Gore was the “salesman” behind the bulk of the eco-fearmongering we’ve seen over the past 20 or so years. He got so many people on-board, gaslighting them with eco-threats, and filled his coffers to overflowing at the same time.

Al Gore isn’t some principled prophet, trying to prevent the apocalypse. He was a conman, concerned only with his own betterment, and willing to act the part given to him by the deep-state, so long as he got rich in the process. (More)

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