Prince William & Kate Middleton Are Prepping Their Kids For A Normal Life Despite Future Call To The Throne!

Humble, relatable, and full of grace!

As Prince William and Kate Middleton prepare to take the throne as King and Queen someday, it sounds like making sure their family of five remains grounded is a top priority. You know, as best as parents of a few of the most famous children in the world can do!

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It goes without saying that 6-year-old Prince George, 4-year-old Princess Charlotte, and 19-month-old Prince Louis, were born into a life of privilege — but sources close to their brood say mom and dad are determined to raise these royals with the same down-to-earth attitude you’d find in any commoner out there.

In People magazine’s latest cover story on the Cambridge crew, a family aide spoke to the pair’s concerted effort to foster a “normal” life by describing their chill vibes at a soccer game they attended with the kids in October:

“It was natural and lovely. That’s just how they are. They know what’s coming [as they near the throne] and want to give their kids as normal a start as possible.”

Additionally, Will and Kate opened up about the subject when they made a special TV appearance which aired on Sunday night. (Yeah, other notable things happened besides that awkward shrug spotted around the world! LOLz.)

The Duke of Cambridge recounted how he talks to his eldest son and only daughter about homelessness when the inquisitive youngsters spot people sleeping on the streets:

“Whenever we see someone who is sleeping rough on the street I talk about it and I point it out and I explain. And they are all very interested. They are like: ‘Why can’t they go home?’”

For our readers who may not know, Prince Harry‘s brother is a patron of the homelessness charity, Centrepoint, which provides accommodation and support to homeless people aged 16–25. We have to tip our hats to him for doing his due diligence as a father and standing behind his professional work in everyday life, too.

Of course, these kinds of casual strolls and conversations may not happen as often after Queen Elizabeth eventually steps down — but it’s definitely a good idea to lay this sort of foundation now while the kids are at such an impressionable age.

These two are spitting images of their parents! / (c) John Rainford/WENN

Oh, and let’s not forget, there might be another baby added to the mix sometime soon, too!

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Back in October, a Royal insider told Us Weekly Catherine “would love to have one more child.” However, with all the new changes coming, there’s really no telling if or when that may happen!

In the more immediate future, the Duke, Duchess, and their little ones are set to join the rest of the royal family for the Queen’s Christmas Day festivities at Sandringham next week.

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