POLL: Should married men be allowed to be priests?

During a Vatican meeting on the Amazon, the Catholic church is considering plans to allow married priests.

The proposal represents “the voice of the local church” and isn’t an official proposal of the pope, meeting organizers said.

“Pope Francis, history’s first Latin American pope, called the meeting in 2017 to address the ecological, social and spiritual needs of indigenous peoples in the Amazon, where poverty is rampant, isolation hinders the church’s ministry and rapid deforestation is threatening the environment,” WSBT reports. “The most controversial proposal in the synod’s working document calls for Amazonian bishops to study whether older married men who are respected by their communities might be ordained to help address a shortage of priests that is so acute that the faithful can go months without having a proper Mass.”

The lack of access to the sacraments is gravely harming the church’s ministry, Cardinal Claudio Hummes said.

Opponents say that if married men are allowed to become priests, eventually the church will be forced to allow the practice outside of the Amazon and, eventually, it may be pressured to make additional concessions, such as women in the clergy.

Do you think the Catholic church should allow married men to serve as priests?

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