POLL: Do you mind paying for the medical bills of immigrants?

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An article on the Associated Press website influenced me to post this poll Sunday.  According to the AP, doctors and public health experts warn of poor health and rising costs they say will come from sweeping Trump administration changes that would deny green cards to many immigrants who use Medicaid, as well as food stamps and other forms of public assistance. Some advocates say they’re already seeing the fallout even before the complex 837-page rule takes effect in October.

The AP writes: “President Donald Trump’s administration trumpeted its aggressive approach this past week as a way to keep only self-sufficient immigrants in the country, but health experts argue it could force potentially millions of low-income migrants to choose between needed services and their bid to stay legally in the U.S.”

Lisa David, president and CEO of Public Health Solutions, New York’s largest public health organization told the AP, “People are going to be sicker. They’re not going to go get health care, or not until they have to go to an emergency room. It’s going to cost the system a lot of money.”

Immigrants who want permanent legal status, commonly called a green card, have long been required to prove they won’t be “a public charge.” The Trump administration announced Monday that would redefine the term to mean those who are “more likely than not” to receive public benefits over a certain period. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will also now consider other factors, including income, education and English proficiency.

I support Trump’s move here.  And in my new film They Come to America 4, due out at the end of August, I touch upon the insanely high costs of the mass immigration taking hold of our country.  It is my opinion that if immigrants cannot come to America and be self sufficient then they shouldn’t be here, and taxpayers don’t want to be on the hook for paying medical bills of immigrants, legal or illegal.  Pre-order the film now at DennisMichaelLynch.com/illegal

Do you agree with me?  Or do you not mind paying for the medical bills of immigrants?

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