POLL: Do you approve Trump’s decision to pardon ex-Army Lt. Behenna?

President Trump pardoned ex-Army Lieutenant Michael Behenna on Monday, who was convicted for killing an Iraqi prisoner suspected of being an Al Qaeda terrorist back in 2009.

Behenna, a resident of Edmond, Oklahoma, was praised by White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders during the White House’s official statement on the pardon.

Sanders claimed “broad support” for Behenna “from the military, Oklahoma elected officials, and the public” as the reason for Trump’s clemency grant.

Behenna was sentenced to 25 years in prison for unpremeditated murder in a combat zone. The Army’s highest appellate court believed his case was handled unfairly, prompting the Army Clemency and Parole Board to reduce his sentence to 15 years and parole him in 2014

In a 2008 trial, Behenna revealed in testimony that instead of taking prisoner Ali Mansur home as he was ordered, he brought Mansur to a railroad culvert, stripped him, held him at gunpoint, and then interrogated him about a roadside bombing that had killed two members of Behenna’s platoon.

Do you believe President Trump’s decision to pardon Behenna was justified?




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