People Are TICKED At What Hollywood Celeb Is Raising Money For While California Burns

Alyssa Milano has lived far too long in her privileged Hollywood bubble. She’s trying to raise $100,000 for asylum for illegal immigrants while California has been burning top to bottom. The fires have caused many deaths and the loss of everything for many people there. Talk about tone-deaf. This is the art of virtue-signaling.

This looks really bad for Milano. It screams that she cares more about the invaders from the south than she does her neighbors. Alyssa didn’t hesitate to ask for help for her horses during the fires… she then seems to forget about everyone else there suffering and people are ticked at her over it. Chicks on the Right have more on this form of liberal selfishness:

Imagine caring more about illegal immigrants trying to come into your country than your own neighbors.

Cue Alyssa Milano. She’s busying herself raising money for illegal immigrants, and she doesn’t understand how BAD it looks.

For crying out loud, Alyssa. People in California need help too. What about the first responders who lost everything? I’m not saying she doesn’t care about both, but I am saying that it just looks bad, especially when you consider that she needed help too.

Remember this?

No matter! Time to virtue-signal! She looks beyond borders. She’s THAT selfless, unlike you guys.

This is virtue-signaling at its finest.

Imagine what the world could look like if people with resources and influence spent more time trying to help people in their communities instead of virtue-signaling on Twitter.

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