OpEd: Supreme Court to hear case with huge implications for religion and school choice

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The separation of church and state is an often misunderstood and controversial concept. Hopefully, an upcoming Supreme Court case can help clear it up.

On Wednesday, the court will hear oral arguments in Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue, a much-anticipated case centered around school choice, government funding, and religious education. The justices will examine whether the state of Montana violated the First Amendment or the Constitution’s equal protection clause when it prohibited Kendra Espinoza, a single mother of two daughters, from using the state’s supposedly neutral scholarship program to send her daughters to a religious school.

The article goes on to state the following:

In 2015, the Montana state legislature passed the Tax Credit Scholarship Program, which would have allowed residents a tax credit of $150 if they donated to organizations or scholarships which provided aid to private school students with tuition expenses. The Montana Department of Revenue limited the program to nonreligious private schools, and the Montana Supreme Court ruled in favor of this decision. The court claimed to be complying with the state constitution, particularly the Blaine Amendment, a 19th century, anti-Catholic provision that banned tax credits from going to religious schools.


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