OpEd: If AOC can’t even understand her own healthcare plan, why should she design ours?

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to nationalize and control the healthcare of every person in the nation, yet she cannot fathom choosing her own taxpayer-subsidized insurance plan from the 66 generous gold plans offered by the United States Congress.

I suppose it makes sense that a campaign supporter of Bernie Sanders, who complains that we have too many deodorant and sneaker options, would lament such consumer choice as a bad thing. But this betrays her economic illiteracy.

The article goes on to state the following:

Cutting healthcare costs for providers and consumers alike requires more variety, not less. Someone young and healthy such as Ocasio-Cortez can bank on a high deductible in exchange for low premiums, whereas older or chronically sicker consumers will want lower deductibles and higher premiums. Ocasio-Cortez, who wears glasses, might want vision insurance included in her plan, but consumers with perfect eyesight probably wouldn’t opt to pay for that.

Lowe also writes, “Really, it’s a bit rich that someone who complains that designer health insurance plans are “complex financial products,” instead of a gift from taxpayers, wants to abolish your insurance plan and design it instead.”

The op-ed refers to a series of Twitter posts by Ocasio-Cortez on Monday. She declared, “Members of Congress also have to buy their plans off the exchange. They are Gold plans that are partially subsidized. That means I get to “choose” btwn 66 complex financial products. This is absurd. No person should go without healthcare, &no one should go through this, either.”

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