OpEd: Four former Iranian hostages: President Trump, thank you for your actions and your strength

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We watched carefully as rioters stormed our new U.S. embassy in Iraq earlier this month. The scene brought back vivid memories of the day, just over 40 years ago, when the walls were breached at the Embassy in Tehran, Iran and our nightmare began.

We watched the landing of the Marines sent by President Trump. We knew instantly, no American would suffer our fate.

The article goes on to state the following:

For 444 days, we were tormented and tortured by some of the same people that are now leaders of the Iranian government.  Never knowing if this was the day you would die.

Sickmann continues, “From time to time we were taken out blind-folded to the execution site, guns were drawn and readied and the order to fire was shouted.  We will never forget the sound of multiple firing pins striking empty chambers. Realizing in that split second, you would live another day.”

Sickmann entered the U.S. Marines right after he graduated from high school, in 1976.  In 1979, at only 22 years old, he became one of the 65 Americans taken hostage in Iran, as the group was held for 444 terrifying days, before finally being released on Jan. 20, 1981.

In his op-ed, along with three other former hostages, Sickmann describes their horrifying experience, and their feeling of betrayal upon their release, as they learned that “President Carter had signed away our right to sue Iran.  President Carter left us with no ability to seek justice for our suffering.”

In 2015, Sickmann writes that Congress awarded them each $10,000 “for each day of torment to be paid out of fines the United States collected from those who dealt illegally from Iran.”  However, he says the payments are just “dribbling in.”

“Even worse the billions of dollars of Iranian deposits held by our own government were given back to Iran by President Obama,” Sickmann writes.

He turn turned to the current situation with Iran, and said watching President Trump stand up to the Iranian government “was a great comfort. Watching those Marines and soldiers secure the embassy in Baghdad, knowing that there would be no more hostages taken that day filled our hearts with pride.”

“But today, we stand tall to thank President Trump for his actions and his strength. Today, there are no new American hostages.  Today, there is a very new understanding in Iran that this president isn’t like the others. Thank you, Mr. President,” the op-ed concludes.

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