Olivia Jade Is Back On Instagram — See Her First Sexy Selfies In Nearly A Year!!

Making the rounds!

Olivia Jade is doing her best to dip her toes back into the social media waters after a lengthy hiatus. As we previously reported, the 20-year-old returned to YouTube on Sunday with a two-minute video titled “hi again,” after going silent in March.

And now she’s back on Instagram, too!

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As you may recall, the beauty guru first broke her social media silence with a post celebrating her embattled momma Lori Loughlin‘s birthday back in July. Not long after that, the former USC student came at the necks of outlets (including us) who have been reporting on the ongoing Operation Varsity Blues scandal — in which her parents were indicted on charges of bribing college officials on her behalf.

Olivia Jade flipped off Instagram pic
Olivia Jade’s Instagram bio reads ‘Be Kind.’ OK, gurl!!! / (c) Instagram/Olivia Jade

Her “kind” post was quickly deleted, but now she’s back in full force.

On Sunday she dropped a promotional snap announcing her reemergence on YT, and on Wednesday afternoon she got back to the sexy selfie game with some cleavage-baring shots (above and below) that show off the kind of body only consistent college-level rowing practice can get you:

Olivia Jade Instagram Selfie
Felt cute, might testify later. / (c) Olivia Jade/Instagram

She captioned the posts:

“i hope you have a beautiful day 🤠”

(But something tells us she wasn’t talking to us!)

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She also uploaded two IG Stories to her account on Tuesday afternoon. One selfie to let us all know she loves Doritos, and a TikTok video made with a friend:

olivia jade instagram story doritos
High-quality content right here!! / (c) Olivia Jade/Instagram Story

So how is OJ’s family feeling about her attempts at getting back into good graces with her following?

Apparently, they’re all for it! A #close #source #said to ET her fam has got her back:

“YouTube was an important part of Olivia’s daily life and her brand, so when she stepped away from it she felt there was a void in her life. She was used to interacting with her followers and fans. YouTube really was a way of life for her and when it suddenly stopped she felt like an important part of who she is was just cut off.”

Emphasis on cut off! The girl basically lost a chunk of her income for the last several months…

Only time will tell how she continues to move forward and brush off the legal battle her parents are still working through, but we can’t imagine she’ll jump right into posting hauls and #sponsored content again.

Then again, she did say in her comeback vid she plans on making “taking smaller steps in the right direction for people,” so we’ll probably be seeing more of her soon.

How are U feeling about Olivia’s return, Perezcious readers? Should she have held off until the trial is over? Sound OFF (below) in the comments with your thoughts!!

[Image via Olivia Jade/Instagram.]

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