New Jersey Democratic Senator Cory Booker Launches Campaign For President

Update: In its first press release, the newly formed Booker campaign has released a list of top members of its team.

And predictably, Booker has said that “economic justice” is going to be the focus for his campaign.

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New Jersey Senator and former Newark Mayor Cory “Spartacus” Booker just made it official: He will be joining Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand in seeking the 2020 Democratic nomination.

According to CNBC, Booker officially launched his presidential campaign early Friday, a move that had been widely expected. In preparation, Booker has spent recent weeks crisscrossing key primary states. Booker made the announcement on Feb. 1, the first day of Black History Month. The announcement follows reports that Booker had been calling members of the Congressional Black Caucus and asking for their support.


Booker is a liberal Democrat and perennial Trump critic who nonetheless scored a key bipartisan victory when Congress passed a sweeping criminal reform bill that he had worked on.

As has become standard procedure for Democratic contenders, Booker posted a video announcing his campaign where he said he was “the only senator who goes home to a low-income, inner-city community” in Newark, “the first community that took a chance on me.”

However, the senator is coming off a string of embarrassing scandals that will likely be seized on by primary opponents: During one of the most memorable moments of the Kavanaugh hearings, Booker released 12 pages of confidential emails – purportedly risking censure or expulsion from the senate – which the Washington Examiner famously decried as a “total dud.”  More ominously, Booker – who is reportedly dating actress Rosario Dawsonwas accused of sexually assaulting a man in a men’s restroom.

If elected, Booker would be the first bachelor to occupy the White House in 150 years.

With Democratic primary candidates tacking further to the left (something the conservative media has labeled the “AOC effect”, we look forward to hearing the formerly centrist, corporate-friendly Booker announce his support for Medicare for all and a 70% marginal tax rate for people earning more than $10 million a year.

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