Naomie Harris Says A ‘Huge Star’ Groped Her During An Audition — But Who Was It??

Naomie Harris is opening up with her own #MeToo story. 

The Oscar nominee shared the upsetting story in a new interview with The Guardian, claiming she was sexually assaulted during an audition — by the film’s star, right in front of the director and the casting director.

As you might imagine, no one in the room so much as batted an eye, according to the 43-year-old.

She recalled:

“I was in an audition and he put his hand up my skirt. What was so shocking about it was the casting director was there and the director, and of course no one said anything at all because he was — he is — such a huge star.”

The Moonlight actress didn’t reveal her alleged groper’s name, nor whether or not she got the gig for the project. She did, however, confirm the incident happened in her mid-20s.

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For those who don’t know, the British performer got her big break in Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later… in 2002, which came out when she was 27 years old. Two years later, she starred in After The Sunset alongside Pierce Brosnan and Woody Harrelson.

Naomie didn’t say whether she got the role after the awful audition, so there’s no reason to assume it was anyone involved in that film. Which Brett Ratner directed.

After the sunset
Naomie and Woody in 2004’s After The Sunset. / (c) New Line Cinema


We’ll probably never find out who got too handsy with Harris, but it’s good to hear her finally sharing an experience — especially since she previously felt unable to.

As the outlet noted, Harris said in an interview with The Times two years ago that she’d never experienced racism or sexism in the industry. Now, thanks to Time’s Up and #MeToo, she’s not afraid to admit that wasn’t exactly the case.

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Still, Harris acknowledged she didn’t have to experience as much misogyny as other actresses in the industry did because of her Cambridge education. She explained: 

“I think there is the immediate assumption that you have a brain. Which is not necessarily true if you go to Oxbridge [Oxford or Cambridge] as I’ve discovered.”

Nowadays, thankfully, there has been a “massive shift” in the industry thanks to these historic social movements. She said: 

“Men know that they absolutely cannot get away with things now that they wouldn’t even have thought about before.” 

We hope that’s true…

Who do YOU think Harris’ alleged groper was, Perezcious readers? Share your guesses in the comments!

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