MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace: Trump Has ‘Absolutely No Attachment to Anything He Says’

Tuesday on MSNBC’s special coverage of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech, network host Nicolle Wallace accused the president of having “absolutely no attachment to anything he says.” Wallace said, “What Nancy Pelosi was, by telling her members, ‘hey, hey, hey,’ she was guarding the institution. She was guarding a tradition. What Stacey Abrams did by, after a really difficult race with lots of allegations about funky stuff going on in the elections, she honored the democracy. What they represented as great of a rebuke. Donald Trump said whatever didn’t mean any of it. He will tweet something totally opposite tomorrow. The people lined up as he was walking out, are the people who he is saying ‘everyone said my speech was the best.’” She continued, “He doesn’t know those people. He doesn’t know they were Republicans and he’ll go home and tweet about imaginary people and polls that said he was awesome. But what he represented tonight is someone with absolutely no attachment to anything he says. The more striking line was his words about revenge. He sought revenge against the Khan family because they exercised their rights at the Democratic convention. He sought revenge against the

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