Morning briefing: Dec 18

Today is Dec 18, and here are the stories I am following.

1-House approves massive spending bill
The Democratic-controlled House on Tuesday approved a $1.4 trillion federal spending bill to avoid a government shutdown that includes funding for President Trump’s border wall, strips ObamaCare taxes, raises the minimum age for buying tobacco products and gives Democrats increases for a variety of other domestic programs.  The House – as it prepares to vote on articles of impeachment against President Trump – approved all 12 spending bills. They now go to the Senate to sync up later this week.

DML: This is a sign the Dems are very nervous about they’re actions of impeachment against Trump.  They’ve pushed back on every spending bill until now.

2-Impeachment goes into full throttle mode
There will be unusually tight security near the Capitol building in Washington on Wednesday. House Democrats will convene to adopt the rules for the impeachment debate shortly after 9 a.m. ET, followed by six hours of debate evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats. Some members will be afforded only one minute to speak, and no amendments to the impeachment resolutions will be permitted.The final vote sequence will likely begin well into the evening hours, with one vote held on each article of impeachment.

The stage was set late Tuesday night by the House Rules Committee, which approved the procedures for Wednesday’s impeachment proceedings in a 9-4 party-line vote after a marathon day of contentious hearings. Wednesday “promises to be a long day,” Rules Committee Chairman Jim McGovern, D-Mass., told reporters.

It will likely end with Trump becoming just the third U.S. president ever to be impeached — a history-making development that Trump has said reflects far worse on congressional Democrats than it does on him.

In a blistering, no-holds-barred six-page letter Tuesday to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Trump lambasted the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry as an “open war on American Democracy,” writing that Pelosi has violated her oath of office and “cheapened the importance of the very ugly word, impeachment!”

DML: Meanwhile, President Trump on Wednesday will be far away from Capitol Hill, holding a rally in downtown Battle Creek, Michigan.  I’ve said all along, act is if the impeachment is not happening.  Problem is, all Trump will talk about tonight is the impeachment and Dems.

3-PG&E, California agree to $1.68 billion settlement for wildfires
The California Public Utilities Commission has proposed a $1.68 billion settlement with PG&E Corp. for the role the utility company played in igniting a series of deadly wildfires in 2017 and 2018 that killed more than 100 people. Under the terms of the settlement included in a filing by the regulator, the company would be required to spend the amount of the penalty on steps to prevent future wildfires. It wouldn’t be allowed to pass those costs on to its customers in the form of higher rates. The settlement, which still needs to be approved by utility commissioners, is a slightly larger penalty than the settlement PG&E and the regulator reached in 2015 over a 2010 explosion in San Bruno, Calif.

DML: No money covers the cost of lives and homes lost.

4-Tessa Majors’ fatal stabbing caught on video: testimony
Grainy surveillance video captured the robbery and fatal stabbing of Barnard College freshman Tessa Majors in Morningside Park, it emerged in a Tuesday court hearing for one of her alleged murderers. A surveillance camera mounted atop a security booth near the entrance to the park was rolling as three alleged teenage muggers accosted and knifed Majors, 18, on Dec. 11, an NYPD investigator testified. The video’s existence emerged in a Manhattan Family Court hearing for Zyairr Davis, 13, charged with felony murder in the case.

DML: Try these punks like adults of they will kill again.

5- Kim’s knee pain is gone.
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