Meghan Markle’s dad having MAJOR heart surgery – he CAN’T go to Royal Wedding

Source: Meghan Markle’s dad having MAJOR heart surgery – he CAN’T go to Royal Wedding

Meghan Markle speaking to Nick News in 1993 after writing a letter to civil rights lawyer Gloria Allred, then-first lady Hillary Clinton, and Nick News anchor Linda Ellerbee in response to a sexist commercial she had seen on television. Meghan’s commitment to speaking out had a lasting impact and the commercial was changed in response to her letter.

Hours after vowing to attend Meghan and Prince Harry’s big day in a shock change of heart, Thomas Markle has now announced it is now “all but impossible”.

The reclusive dad last night told TMZ he is due to have major surgery following a recent heart attack, and that it will mean he won’t be at Windsor Castle on Saturday.

He told them: “They (doctors) will go in and clear blockage, repair damage and put a stent where it is needed.”

The 73-year-old will reportedly go into surgery at 7.30am today after checks at hospital today found his heart attack last week “did significant damage”.

Thomas was snapped getting fitted for the wedding
ILL: Thomas was snapped getting fitted for the wedding this month

Thomas has even blamed his heart attack on his son Thomas Jr, stating his open letter to Prince Harry urging him not to marry Meghan was the cause.

The shock new developments are causing chaos for Kensington Palace as it comes hours after he vowed to walk Meghan down the aisle.

He made the sudden U-turn after dropping the bombshell on Monday night that he would not be going to the wedding.

The initial refusal to go was due to the revelation he staged pictures with paparazzi – which Daily Star Online revealed was set up by his other daughter, Samantha.

He feared he would “embarrass” the Royal Family or his daughter, before pulling out and then later changing his mind.

Thomas told TMZ he decided to go after all when Meghan texted him, telling him she loved him and was concerned about his health.

He also said that Meghan had no ill feelings towards him for staging pictures in a deal with paparazzi.

But the latest news of the former TV lighting director’s major surgery now appears to point to him definitely not attending.

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