Markle Just Denounced US And Sent Disgusting Message To Trump – Her ‘Royal’ Life Is About To END! | 🇺🇸TEAM❤TRUMP🇺🇸

Source: Markle Just Denounced US And Sent Disgusting Message To Trump – Her ‘Royal’ Life Is About To END! | 🇺🇸TEAM❤TRUMP🇺🇸

With wedding preparations well underway and the big day that would change her life forever coming up quickly, former American television actress Meghan Markle seems to be cracking under pressure. It’s not all fairytales and glass slippers in being a real princess, the royal role comes with a lot of responsibilities and pressure that Markle doesn’t seem to be fit for.

Nothing is as perfect as it seems and Markle’s life both before becoming engaged to the prince and after are no exception. While the princess wannabe is certainly gorgeous and flashes a perfect smile for the camera, it turns out that she’s hiding a really ugly face behind that fake facade. Not just anybody can and will be accepted into England’s royal family. It’s perhaps the hardest group to get accepted into with more expectations than anyone could imagine. The royal rules are not part of the fairytale that Markle had probably envisioned when she was asked out on her first date with the prince and now she’s feeling the pinch.

As part of Markle’s wedding planning, she had one item of personal business to secretly attend to. In the process, she broke a major royal rule. She clearly felt it was worth it to send a disgusting message to her family and the former country she called home before becoming a British citizen. If things don’t work out for her and Harry, she’s going to have nowhere to go.

Markle’s far less than perfect family and upbringing have been no secret since she became engaged to Prince Harry. Despite the unconventional and sordid nature of the members of her family, her stepsiblings said childhood was great and they were all very close. The princess wannabe told her soon-to-be husband an entirely different story as to separate herself from the negative image her family exudes and gain sympathy for struggle she never had. Markle is intentionally trying to forget where she came from and has now reportedly disowned her own brother for what she considers to be the most disgusting thing about a person that she could imagine.

It’s no secret that Markle is not remotely a fan of President Donald Trump’s. Before she was forced to give up social media as a requirement for all members of the royal family, she was politically outspoken. Speaking publicly about politics is a major no-no for royals and refraining from such topics is actually a written rule they must follow. However, Markle couldn’t help herself and her hate for the president and her brother who supports him in committing the cardinal sin of forgetting that he was ever family and removing him from her life entirely… (more)

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