Liam Neeson: ‘I’m Not a Racist’

Actor Liam Neeson on Tuesday spoke out after revealing he wanted to kill a black man 40 years ago when he learned one of his close friends was “brutally raped.” Neeson defended himself on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” saying, “I’m not racist.” “[T]here were some nights I went out deliberately into black areas in the city, looking to be set upon, so that I could unleash physical violence,” Neeson shared of the “primal urge” he had to seek revenge. “It shocked me and it hurt me … I did seek help, I went to a priest.” “Luckily, no violence occurred,” he added. Neeson also admitted that had his friend been raped by a white man his reaction would have been the same because he wanted to defend her “honor.” Follow Trent Baker on Twitter @MagnifiTrent

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