Leaked Transcript of Manafort Hearing Shows Mueller’s Team of Corrupt Hacks TOOK A BEATING From Judge Ellis

The Federal Judge in Paul Manafort’s case cast doubt on Friday over Mueller’s bank fraud case against the former Trump campaign manager.

Judge T.S. Ellis lost his temper and blasted prosecutors, saying he believes Mueller is using the Manafort case to provide material that would lead to Trump’s “prosecution or impeachment”.

Source: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com

Judge Ellis also ordered the government to hand over the unredacted Rosenstein memo.

We have the transcript of the hearing and Mueller’s team took one hell of a beating.

A Twitter fellow by the name of ‘Techno Fog,’ who says he’s a lawyer in his Twitter bio provided leaked transcript of Friday’s hearing on the Manafort case.

So far we’ve seen highlights from Friday’s hearing, but to read the transcript with analysis really shows how out of control Mueller and Rosenstein are.

Judge Ellis knows Mueller’s team is a group of corrupt lawyers and he lets them have it.

Fox News analyst Brit Hume even gave Techno Fog a shoutout.

The Gateway Pundit unrolled the entire thread here:


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