Kylie Jenner Is Still ‘Occasionally’ Seeing Drake — But Is It All To Make Travis Scott Jealous!?

Yes, Perezcious readers, Kylie Jenner IS still seeing Drake — at least according to a People source — but how frequently? And more importantly… for what exact purpose??

That insider clarified the first question while speculating on the second, telling the outlet:

“Kylie doesn’t seem to be dating. She sees Drake occasionally, but it doesn’t seem serious. She could be doing it just to make Travis jealous.”

Ah, the oldest trick in the playbook: the make-’em-jealous play

Travis, of course, is Kylie’s ex-boyfriend Travis Scott, whom she split from last month before rubbing shoulders (amongst other things, we presume) with the God’s Plan rapper

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If Kylie is doing the jealousy play against her baby daddy, Drake is the perfect specimen to go with: he’s in Trav’s lane of artistry; is a certified “daddy,” according to Justin Bieber (and many others); and he’s the king of casual flings, so he won’t get clingy when the 22-year-old’s possible plan is complete.

Then again, maybe there’s no hidden agenda: the KUWTK star works hard juggling motherhood and her makeup empire. She could very well just be having some occasional fun with the rap titan, as single billionaire socialite mothers do.

It’s all speculation at this point, seeing as neither party has publicly acknowledged the reported romance. What we do know is that the two have been casually “hanging out” together in the weeks since Kylie and Trav decided to take a break from their relationship of over two years.

A source previously explained of DRYLIE’s situation:

“Kylie considers herself single. She has known Drake for a while. It mostly seems like they have chemistry, flirt and hang out. Nothing too complicated.”

However, things are a bit more complicated between the Kylie Cosmetics mogul and Scott. The source explained that while they may not be romantically involved at the moment, they still see each other regularly to co-parent their daughter Stormi Webster

The insider noted:

“[Kylie] still sees Travis and they spend time together with Stormi. It seems to be more of a friendship.”

But that’s not what Kylie was planning on, according to the source. Apparently, the two parties had different priorities when it came to their relationship.

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The insider continued: 

“She really wanted to settle down with him and have another baby. He seems to want more freedom.”


Maybe that jealousy theory isn’t far off after all?

What do U think Kylie’s motives are with Drake? Does she genuinely like spending time with him, or is it all a ploy to get her baby daddy back? Or a little of both!?

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