Kris Jenner Speaks Out About Kylie’s Massive Makeup Deal: ‘The Goal Is To Just Keep Building’

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We’re now learning more about what happened ahead of Kylie Jenner‘s incredible $600 million makeup deal that went down on Monday!

Kris Jenner, momager extraordinaire, appeared this morning on CNBC‘s popular business show Squawk Box to talk about her makeup mogul daughter, and what comes next for the business-minded reality TV fam.

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Clearly proud of her youngest daughter for the impressive achievement of selling off such a massive portion of her empire to renowned beauty conglomerate Coty, the 64-year-old momma gushed about the deal’s aftermath in her live TV interview with the biz network. The reality TV matriarch said (below):

“Yesterday was a really big day for Kylie and our team at Kylie Cosmetics. [It was] truly a moment for our family to be proud. It’s kind of a crystallization of all our work. It’s also a moment to just look forward and be really excited about the future. I think the goal is to just keep building Kylie’s existing beauty business into a global powerhouse brand. That’s the vision. We decided to partner with Coty because they share the same vision as we do in building this into a huge thing. We dream big and this is something we’re so excited about.”

No kidding!

And as Kris was quick to point out, this is far from the end point for Kylie when it comes to dominating the beauty biz. Though Coty now has a majority 51% stake in the company, the youngest KarJenner still has big plans for new beauty and makeup categories and products — and Coty’s nine-figure investment will help out with that considerably!

Kris explained more during her call-in on the business show, saying:

“This is her baby and this is her dream, to build this beauty empire and just go into many categories that she hasn’t even scratched the surface. She looks forward to working with Coty to develop more categories and going into other areas of the beauty business. She feels like this is where she belongs. This is where her passion is and she wants to really — wants to use her creative side to develop her brand. And this is what she wants to do for the rest of her life. [Kylie] talks about it all the time. Twenty years from now she sees herself doing this and maybe passing it down to her daughter [21-month-old Stormi].”

Wow! Wouldn’t that be cute, to see Stormi Webster take over the family business!

And to think that Kylie “hasn’t even scratched the surface,” as her mom alludes to in that quote… if that’s really the case, we can’t even imagine what’s next! This 22-year-old really is a true business mogul. You taking notes, Donald Trump?! LOLz!

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You can watch Kris’ full interview here:

Reactions, Perezcious readers?!

What do U think is next for Kylie, if she really “hasn’t even scratched the surface” on her empire?!

Sound OFF with your best guesses and more in the comments (below)!!!

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