Kris Jenner Keeps Her Wax Figure In Her Home, And It FREAKS OUT Kim Kardashian & Chrissy Teigen!

We knew Kris Jenner was happy about her wax figure, but this is ridiculous!

The momager supreme shared pics of her Madame Tussauds doppelgänger back in May (along with Kourtney Kardashian‘s first) and we were pretty impressed. Some of these wax figures don’t quite capture the subject, but this one was pretty great.

We aren’t the only ones who think so.

Kris had a dinner party at her home Wednesday night with daughter Kim Kardashian West and friends Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, and let’s just say the guests were shocked to come face to face with a second copy of their hostess!

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Yep, Kris apparently brought the wax statue home, and when Kim saw it she was totally freaked out — because apparently it looks even more strikingly similar up close!

In a video Kris shared to her Instagram Story, Kim is confronted by the ersatz momma. As you might have, she asks her IRL mother what it’s doing there, to which Kris quips:

“It’s so you can visit with me and not have to listen to me talk to you.”

Ha! Watch the hilarious moment!

Obvi Kim had to make her own vid with the “creepy” lifelike figure.

She gives followers a closer look, marveling at its resemblance to the real deal:

“You guys have no idea how real this looks. Like, it’s insane. It’s wearing her favorite Dolce tux. It’s exact down to the little mark she has. Like, everything about it, you guys, this is her exact hairline. Like, I can’t even tell you how creepy and amazing this is.”

We knew it looked good from a distance, but…

Kim Kardashian Kris Jenner wax figure
(c) Kim Kardashian/Instagram Story


Watch the whole mother-daughter moment (below)!

But it wasn’t just Kim freaking out at the verisimilitude of the visage.

Kris shared another vid of Chrissy just sitting and staring that thing in its soulless eyes, transfixed by the bizarre simulacrum.

Chrissy Teigen Kris Jenner
(c) Kris Jenner/Instagram Story

Kris narrated her guest’s fascination, saying:

“Chrissy is obsessed with me, truly. She’s staring at me like it’s me, but it’s not even me.”

Chrissy just sat speechless, which may truly be a first for the social media queen.

What do YOU think of Kris keeping her wax figure in the home? Is it a fun conversation piece or a horror film waiting to happen?

Could YOU sleep under the same roof with a wax version of yourself???

[Image via Nicky Nelson/WENN/Kris Jenner/Instagram.]

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