Kimmel About To Lose His Whole Show After Foul Clip Comes Out He Thought Was Gone!


Jimmy Kimmel has fast become a champion for the extreme left wing in this country. His late night show is extremely popular with the segment of the population who greatly dislike our administration, no matter how much good President Trump has done for them personally. Kimmel can also claim to the be the man who hosted the lowest rated Oscar’s show in history.

His ratings skyrocketed the moment he decided to turn his show into an extension of the Democrat Party by talking about guns, using his son’s illness to promote Obamacare, and speaking out against Republicans. All with guidance from the Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer from the ultra-liberal cesspool that is New York.

Via Entertainment Tonight:

“As for revealing his son’s health scare on the air, Kimmel isn’t so sure he would do that again. “What I didn’t think through was that, everywhere I went, every day of my life, people would be asking me how my son is doing,” he confides. “But thank God I can say he’s doing well. If that wasn’t the case, each day would be very, very painful.”

While he may have handled things differently, Kimmel notes that he did feel like he owed his audience an explanation for his absence. “I also felt like I had to say something because I’d been talking about the fact that my wife [Molly McNearney, the co-head writer of Jimmy Kimmel Live!] was pregnant for six months,” he says. “I left for paternity leave and then I didn’t come back. That was something I had to address.”

But there is one little secret most of us recall which Kimmell hopes everyone will forget. Before he became a late show star, he was known for a show called “The Man Show” which aired between 1999 and 2003. This show was known for the ending in which they always showed half dressed women bouncing on trampolines who were referred to as “Juggies.”

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