Justin Timberlake Returns Home After Hand-Holding Controversy & Is Focused On ‘Moving On’ With Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake is more than ready for us all to move on from his now-infamous hand-holding scandal with Alisha Wainright!

According to sources over at E! News, filming has officially wrapped on Palmer — the movie which the flirtatious co-stars’ were shooting when they got caught acting inappropriately off-camera at a bar in New Orleans.

Now, the 38-year-old entertainer is reportedly back home in Los Angeles and hyper-focused on life with wife Jessica Biel and their 4-year-old son, Silas.

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One of Timberlake’s close pals told the outlet the couple is “moving on” and doing their best to put what happened behind them — even if the world can’t stop talking about it! They dished:

“Justin has spent a lot of time apologizing and acknowledging Jessica’s feelings. He feels terrible and wishes he could take back the public humiliation and embarrassment he caused. He loves Jessica and being married to her. He will learn from what happened and not let it happen again.”

The source also added Jessica is truly “putting it all aside and focusing on their future together as a family.”

Yeah… we certainly hope the Cry Me A River crooner isn’t crazy enough to have that strong of a lapse in judgment again, at least for his marriage’s sake!

The report noted the parents-of-one have plans to celebrate Christmas together as a united household and do a bit of traveling at some point, too. There’s nothing like some cozy, festive vibes to bring everyone together, right? At least their little one won’t have to suffer through a bunch of awkward, holiday tension because daddy screwed up big time, right? Fingers crossed.

Maybe after the dust truly settles, the couple can get back to happier times like this:

It might be a while, though!

At the very least, this insider information sounds a lot more promising than what we heard from a different source who spoke with Hollywood Life on Monday. Speaking to Jess’ perspective on the handsy situation, they shared:

“She’s been really hurt by the photos of Justin and Alisha. She felt upset and embarrassed above everything else. She’s a very private person and was pretty angry to put it lightly. Jessica’s not one of those actresses who wanted to be a celebrity. She doesn’t like being involved in this kind of a story and has been laying as low as possible. It’s clear it has taken a toll on them as a couple.”

But whatever attempts Justin has made to smooth things over in the public eye and behind closed doors have apparently started to work in his favor:

“Jessica and Justin have been doing a lot of talking about it and he sees how much it has hurt her. Now, they seem to be doing a bit better since the photographs came out.”

We bet his direct, seemingly sincere, and lengthy Instagram apology helped matters along, too.

Perezcious readers, do U think everything is really all good again over at Chez Timberlake? What do you think it’ll take for the couple to truly recover from all of this? Sound OFF with your thoughts in the comments!

[Image via Charlie Steffens/WENN]

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