Jerome Corsi QAnon Decode 02/26/18 Monday Morning Decode

Dr. Jerome Corsi is a Washington Correspondent for where he works as an investigative reporter. When Dr. Corsi co-authored UNFIT FOR COMMAND: SWIFT BOAT VETERANS SPEAK OUT AGAINST JOHN KERRY (2004) he changed careers to become a full-time author and investigative reporter. He is a frequent guest on talk radio shows nationally and has made repeated television appearances on Fox News, MSNBC, C-SPAN, CNN News and Fox Business News. In the past few years, Dr Corsi has published 6 New York Times bestselling non-fiction books. His most recent book is KILLING THE DEEP STATE: THE PLAN TO SAVE DONALD TRUMP. Pre-order now on Amazon: Publication Date: March 13, 2018. Dr. Corsi lives with his family in New Jersey, where he is a full-time writer.


Author: Weather Internal

Independent journalist with a keen sense for showing the news that your TV won't show! Fighter of truth and justice and believe that ALL people are subject to the same consequences that the law gives no matter your status.

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