Jennifer Garner Getting A Mammogram Is The Best Instagram Content We’ve Seen All Week!

Jennifer Garner is making the most out of Breast Cancer Awareness month!

The Camping star took to Instagram on Wednesday to share her trip to the doctor’s office for her yearly mammogram, and it was quite the spectacle.

The clip showed the 47-year-old slipping into a blue smock before filling out some forms complete with titillating doodles. Once it was her turn on the machine, she dealt with the discomfort by making silly faces. 

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While she was waiting for the results, Jen killed time by playing around with a surgical glove. Finally, the doctor came in to give her the results. He said:

“Okay, your mammogram looks perfect.”


Jen celebrated the good news by jumping up and going into a victory dance. In her caption, she said she has a “standing date” for her mammogram “every October,” writing:

“For me, having the appointment on the books makes it routine, like the dentist. I know it’s scary, sisters, but just do it—the next best thing to an all clear is early detection. 💗 To everyone in the thick of the battle—respect and love and strength to you. 💗 #nationalbreastcancerawarenessmonth #octoberisforpink #🙏🏻idonttakemycleartestforgranted #thankyoudrgoldberg”

Props to the actress for encouraging her followers to get their mammograms! After all, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during her life — and men are also susceptible to the disease.

Ch-ch-check out her uplifting doctor’s visit (below):

This informative IG post isn’t the least bit surprising, as the mother-of-three has always used her platform to make the world a bit wiser. Earlier this year, Jen delivered the commencement speech at her alma mater, Denison University, after receiving an honorary doctorate of humane letters.

Speaking to the graduating class of 2019, Ben Affleck‘s ex dispensed some expert life lessons on how to adult the right way, such as:

“Don’t smoke and don’t vape. We know, vaping smells like maple syrup or pineapple or cotton candy, whatever it is. But now that you’re going to be adulting, it’s not cute. Just don’t do it.”

“I’m going to say this because everyone says it, but you won’t listen because nobody does: nothing looks better in your 50s than sunscreen in your 20s.”

“Impose self-discipline around three things: have a book on your bedside table at all times — and read it, obviously. Be in charge of your consumption of social media, and foster a sense of humor about yourselves because otherwise, you run the risk of being boring.”

“Finally, stay close to your friends from college. You’ve just spent four years hanging out with them. That history is invaluable. Work friends, you talk to them about work. Lovers, you talk to them about love and dinner reservations. But friends from college, you can talk to them about everything, and you can do nothing with them and still be happy.”

Thanks for reminding us how to be better — and healthier — people, Jen!

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