Jason Momoa Just Shaved Off His Beard For The First Time Since 2012 — Look!

OMG. Jason Momoa, is that you?!

The Game of Thrones actor just shocked the world by doing something he hasn’t done in almost seven years: shaving his beard!

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, it’s widely known that Momoa’s glorious beard has been a staple of his look for years, dating back to 2012. Yup, it’s been that long, GoT fans!

The 39-year-old is currently hard at work in the desert somewhere, filming an upcoming movie called Dune. The film is actually a remake, based on author Frank Herbert‘s sprawling sci-fi space epic first brought to the big screen by director David Lynch in 1984. 

But Lisa Bonet‘s husband took some time between production breaks on his new gig to bring awareness to a cause that’s close to his heart. Promoting a new line of canned water that is 100 percent recyclable, Jason decided to up the ante from a regular PSA and make heads turn by combining his new ‘do with an important message!

He explained it all in his own words on Instagram on Wednesday, saying:

“Goodbye DROGO, AQUAMAN, DECLAN, BABA New YouTube episode please subscribe and share this video. LINK in BIO . I’m SHAVING this beast off, It’s time to make a change. A change for the better…for my kids, your kids, the world. Let’s make a positive change for the health of our planet. 🌎 Let’s clean up our oceans 🌊 our land ⛰. Join me on this journey. Let’s make the switch to infinitely recyclable aluminum. ♻♻♻ Water in cans, not plastic. #ChangeisComing #mananalu #aluminum #aluminumcans #water #cannedwater #choosecans #recycle #plasticpollution #HydrateLike @ballcorporation shot on the amazing GEMINI by @reddigitalcinema and @leitzcine @leicacamerausa Aloha j. I’m sorry @i.am.aurelius does not know how to spell. It’s Infinitely RECYCLABLE. Not recycleable. He’s young. And I’m working. Sorry”

WATCH the transformation happen in real-time (below):


As expected, people are losing their s**t over the surprise makeover. See some of the best Twitter reactions (below):

Seeing Jason without his signature beard is pretty shocking, TBH, so we definitely understand the collective shock and awe here.

But the man is surely attractive, with or without the facial hair!

Not to mention, Momoa opted to let it go for a good cause, and many praised the actor for turning what could’ve been a simple moment of vanity into something positive:

One user also cleverly pointed out that the Aquaman actor does look years younger with this new look:

Perezcious readers, what do YOU guys think of Jason’s new look? Will you be purchasing his recyclable aluminum cans and supporting the cause?

Tell us in the comments down (below)!

[Image via Dave Starbuck/Future Image/WENN]

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