ISRAEL: 70th anniversary of “End-Times” ISRAEL. What does it mean? (Israel and the End Times)

SRAEL: 70th anniversary of ISRAEL. What does the 70th anniversary of Israel mean in prophecy? How does Israel play into the “End Times”? And, what is “End Times prophecy” say about Israel? Enoch End Times Study ~…

God in a Nutshell DVD sets ~…

Israel and End Times: A video just for my friends on the significance of Israel’s 70th anniversary, the move of the Embassy, and a concise look at how/why this ties in with prophecy of “END -TIMES” and End Time events.

The passages used are from Matthew 24 and some from the book of Enoch, and also Revelation. When Jesus was in Jerusalem, Israel (where Trump just defined as the capitol and moved the embassy); Jesus spoke privately to his disciples about the “End-Times” and or “End of the Age”. Matthew 24, which takes place in Jerusalem, Israel, is the supreme of all End-Times prophecy chapters dealing with the return of Jesus.

70 and Israel: 70 in ancient Israel Hebrew is the AYIN. The Ayin (70) means “EYE” in Hebrew, and we still retain an almost identical word for eye in the English. It also means “fountain” or “spring”. The ancient letter was a picture of an EYE.

This is also the same symbol claimed to be for the “Illuminati” and New World Order. Conversely, the Ayin (70) can also more directly mean the EYE of the Creator (YHVH) quietly watching.

70 therefore has a duel meaning ~ perhaps similar to 11:11. The devil loves to copy stuff… that’s his thing.

The 70th anniversary of Israel is May 14th 2018…..

Trey Smith of God in a Nutshell covers Israel’s 70th anniversary.

Also, covered in this video is some on the new Enoch study. I invite you to join us for this study.…

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