Individual Pepper Sprayed by Portland Mayor Identified – A Local Attorney and Partner of a Legal Firm

The individual who was pepper sprayed by Portland’s Mayor has been identified and he is a partner at a local legal firm.

We reported two days ago that the mayor of Portland pepper sprayed an individual who had confronted him:

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Pepper Sprays Man Stalking Him At Restaurant

Then yesterday the OPB Reported:

Police believe an attorney with local law firm Brownstein Rask LLP and heir to the Alpenrose Dairy is the man who was pepper-sprayed by Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Sunday night, according to an updated police report.

The report identified Cary R. Cadonau, an attorney, as the person who was pepper-sprayed by the mayor. McMenamins Hillsdale Brewery & Public House’s general manager Scott Mitchell told police that Cadonau came into the restaurant Monday and asked for surveillance video of the incident as well as a copy of the ticket from the mayor’s order. Staff at McMenamins said Cadonau was a somewhat regular customer.

Reached by phone Tuesday, Cadonau would neither confirm nor deny he was involved in the confrontation. Warned he would likely be receiving many of these calls from local press, he said, simply, “Oh brother.”

According to a bio posted online, Cadonau specializes in estate, business litigation, family law, personal injury and criminal defense.

OPB continues:

According to the police report, the mayor had been leaving McMenamins Hillsdale Brewery & Public House in Southwest Portland with former Mayor Sam Adams around 8 p.m. Sunday when a person confronted him and accused him of sitting in a restaurant without wearing a mask, according to the report. Wheeler and Adams had been dining in an outdoor tent at the restaurant just prior to the encounter.

The man, who the mayor described in the report as middle-aged and white, followed Wheeler to his car while videotaping the interaction. The mayor said he warned the man he was carrying pepper spray and told the man to “back off,” but the man refused. As the mayor attempted to get into his car, the mayor pepper-sprayed the stranger in the eyes.

Below is Cadonau’s picture from his firm’s website:

Cadonau is reportedly obtaining a spokesperson to address the situation on his behalf. We still don’t really know much on the situation that led to the mayor of Portland using pepper spray to reportedly protect himself.

The people of Portland must be so proud of their fellow citizens and elected officials in the way they handle Antifa and each other.


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